Rental Categories

The information on this page is subject to change.

Each event for which a reservation is made is placed into one of the following rental categories, which in turn determines the types and amounts of fees charged by Union Services.

Registered Student Organization (RSO)
RSOs are student organizations which are recognized and approved by the Student Engagement and Leadership Center (SELC). All RSOs must submit event requests to Mine Tracker for approval. RSOs do not pay for the use of Union facilities or equipment, but are responsible for incidental fees such as damage, cleaning, and late cancellation fees. Mine Tracker requests from RSOs with outstanding fee balances will be denied. Damage to any Union facilities or equipment by members of an RSO due to negligence or misuse will result in disciplinary action in addition to any financial liability.

Departmental Events (DSA)
University departments which fall under the Division of Student Affairs (DSA) do not pay for the use of Union facilities. Most furniture and AV equipment is also provided free of charge. Certain equipment and services will be charged at a reduced rate, and DSA departments are responsible for any incidental fees.

Departmental Events (Non-DSA)
University departments which do not fall under the DSA do not pay for the use of Union facilities. Fees for equipment and furniture are charged at a reduced rate and departments are responsible for any incidental fees.

University Rate
University events which are open to the general public are charged at the University rate, regardless of which department or organization is hosting the event.

Non-University Rate
All events hosted by third-party entities must be reserved through University Relations and will be charged at non-University rates. University Relations is responsible for making all reservations and arrangements with Union Services on behalf of the third party; Union Services cannot work directly with external entities. All costs and fees related to the event are billed to the University Relations office, who in turn is responsible for billing the third party. If a non-University event is cancelled and Union Services does not receive at least a 24-hour cancellation notice from University Relations, a cancellation fee will be charged.