About The Staff

Name: Kathy Flores
Title: Director, Student Publications
E-mail: kmrogers@utep.edu
Phone: 747-7436
Years at UTEP: 23
Years in Higher Education: 30
Certifications, licenses, or others: BFA
Biography: Kathleen Flores received her BFA in advertising art with a minor in illustration from Texas Tech University. Kathleen began working for UTEP in 1978 when she was hired as the university’s first graphic artist. She became the director of the News and Publications Office in 1994. While working at UTEP, Kathleen was the editor of NOVA Quarterly magazine and Horizons newsletter, and also worked at an assistant book editor at Texas Western Press. Kathleen became the editorial advisor for Student Publications in 2002, and was named director of the department in 2004.

Name: Veronica Gonzalez
Title: Assistant Director, Student Publications
E-mail: vegonzalez@utep.edu
Phone: 747-7434
Years at UTEP: 9
Years in Higher Education: 9
Certifications, licenses, or others: BA
Biography: Veronica Gonzalez was born in El Paso and is a graduate of Father Yermo High School. She received her bachelor’s degree in communication-media advertising with a minor in graphic design from UTEP. As a student at UTEP, she worked for the Department of Communication and as student advertising manager at Student Publications. Upon graduation, she was hired as the assistant director for advertising for the department. Veronica supervises the students who work at the selling and creating of advertising for both The Prospector and Minero Magazine.  In 2009, she was named president of El Paso’s Advertising Federation.

Name: Isabel Castillo
Title: Accounting Specialist
E-mail: iecastillo@utep.edu
Phone: 747-7435
Years at UTEP: 14
Years in Higher Education: 14
Certifications, licenses, or others: BBA
Biography: Isabel Castillo is an El Paso native and graduate of Bel Air High School. She received her BBA in management from the University of Texas at El Paso. While attending UTEP, she began working at Student Publications as a student assistant. She currently works at Student Publications as an Accounting Clerk III.

Name: Marcela R. Luna
Title: Administrative Secretary
E-mail: mrluna@utep.edu
Phone: 747-5161
Years at UTEP: 12
Years in Higher Education: 12
Certifications, licenses, or others: BA
Biography: Marcela received her Bachelor of Arts degree in graphic design with a minor in business management from the University of Texas at El Paso. Marcela previously worked as an administrative clerk for the UTEP Testing and Counseling Service and for the Records and Transcripts Department.



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