Advisor Expectations

Ours (SELC)

We expect all Advisors to:
1.Keep a pulse on your RSO year-round, and periodically meet with the executive board.
2. Be mindful of how your RSO raises and spends money.
3. Be aware of how your RSO treats members, especially prospective or newly initiated.
4. Report any illegal or criminal behavior to the Office of Student Life
(note: hazing is illegaU)
5. Keep the RSO in the loop as it pertains to University Policy.
6. Familiarize yourself with Campus Resources that pertain to RSOs.
7. Insure that the RSO’s Constitution is being enforced consistently.
8. Allow the students to run the RSO. Your role is to support the students and assist in the
development of the students as leaders.
9. Complete the RSO Risk Management Module once a year
(typically between June and August).
10. Cancel any activities when you believe they have been inadequately planned, will violate
University policies, or are unsafe.
ll. Serve as a role model and mentor to the RSO and its individual members.
12. Keep your RSO alive through transitioning periods.

Theirs (The students in the Organization)

Student leaders in RSOs may expect you to:

1. Attend their meetings when possible.
2. Help them make the connection between their RSO, the classroom, and life after UTEP.
3. Help them navigate the red tape.
4. Let them enjoy the organization.
5. Brainstorm with them when necessary.
6. Take pride in the organization.
7. Have a vested interest and understanding in/of the RSO.
8. Teach members how to properly articulate their RSO’s accomplishments
(in order to recruit and earn recognition from the University.)

Yours (The Advisor)

Likewise, you should set expectations for yourself. such as to:
1. Serve as the unofficial historian of the organization.
2. Believe in the core values of the organization.
3. Have a professional relationship with the current president. You’re partners!
4. Remember, if the RSO fails, you’ve failed. If the RSO succeeds, you’ve succeeded.
5. Find answers when the organization cannot.