Legislative Branch: Collegiate Senators

Grissel Rodriguez

Collegiate Senator of Business


Special Events – Chair

Grissel Rodriguez is going into her third year at UTEP as a senior, majoring in Finance. She has been very active throughout her years at the university through different organizations and through the Student Government Association. She served as a Senator At Large for the 2016-2017 school year. This year, she will be the 2017-2018 Collegiate Senator of Business, where she will focus on providing new opportunities for the students at the College of Business by hosting different events for students to engage and develop their professional skills that are needed in the business world. Through the College of Business, Senator Rodriguez also serves on the Business College Council. She is President of the Gamma Phi Chapter of the Delta Sigma Pi Professional Business Fraternity at the College of Business, where she focuses on improving the chapter by reaching their goals throughout the semester. She is also involved in the Regional Economic Development Association, where she has served as the treasurer, PR chair, and the community service chair for two years. Being involved in school is very important to Senator Rodriguez because she believes that students should love going to UTEP as much as she does, and the only way is by being involved and active on campus throughout the year. Senator Rodriguez plans on going to law school after graduation, and later on practicing corporate law. She is very excited to serve as the Collegiate Senator of Business for this school year!





Mario Arnal Reveles

Collegiate Senator of Liberal Arts


Excel – Chair

House Creation Committee – Co-Chair

MARIO ARNAL REVELES is a junior, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a minor in Business Management and a concentration in Public Administration. Collegiate Senator Arnal has been involved in multiple academic and community organizations including, serving as the Executive Assistant of International Representatives Program (iRep), working towards community outreach efforts in City Council and Congressional campaigns, interning in the Texas House of Representatives, and working as a staff member in the Texas State Board of Education, District 1. In order to take advantage of his time in UTEP, starting his first semester, Senator Arnal joined the Student Government Association Excel Program, a guidance program to inspire potential leaders, as well as becoming part of the Office of Admissions and Recruitment team within the Enrollment Services Department. After being encouraged by the Excel Program and his mentors, Senator Arnal decided to increase his student involvement and serve as a Legislative Assistant during the 2015-2016 administration.

As the Collegiate Liberal Arts Senator, Arnal would like to promote institutional inclusiveness and school spirit. He believes that Liberal Arts has the potential to make significant changes not only within its college but also in the university in general. He also wants to promote Liberal Arts events and programs publicity by bridging interactive programs between the different majors and colleges. By having the biggest and most diverse college, Senator Arnal will work towards interacting with collegiate faculty and staff to assist program proposals.

Abner Moreno Tarrango

Collegiate Senator of Graduate School


Abner Moreno Tarango received his undergraduate degree from The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) in 2016, and continued his education as a graduate student under the mechanical engineering department. Currently Abner represents the graduate student population, and is continuing the legacy of establishing a Graduate Student Assembly for the university.

Abner has held several leadership positions during his college career. He served as chapter Vice-President for Latinos in Science and Engineering (MAES), Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), and President of Pi Tau Sigma Mechanical Engineering Honor Society. Mr. Moreno Tarango also was part of UTEP Student Government Association (SGA) during his undergraduate career, where he served as Senator at Large. Also he was able to collaborate on the organization of Baja SAE UTEP 2014 competition, which hosted teams from different countries such as Egypt, Canada, India, Mexico, South Korea, and South Africa. Recently, as a graduate student Abner had the honor to represent seven states (Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas) as Regional Graduate Representative for SHPE Region 5.

Nonetheless, Abner has had the opportunity to work in different industries with companies and federal agencies such as NASA, Freeport McMoRan, Shell, and Chevron. He is currently working as a Graduate Research Assistant the MIRO Center for Space Exploration (cSETR) under the mechanical engineering department. He is currently working on the development of liquid oxygen – liquid methane rocket engines.

Karen Del Rio

Collegiate Senator of Health Sciences


Karen Del Rio is currently a senior majoring in Health Promotion and minoring in Nutrition also she is a Research assistant in the Department of Public Health at the University of Texas at El Paso. She is involved in multiple organizations such as Students for Public Health, Collegiate Physicians and Researchers and Student’s Green Teem. She is the founder and proud President of Health Promotion Student Association. This same organization was awarded as “New Student Organization of the Year 2017.” She is responsible for setting up Health Promotion and philanthropy events in the community and on campus. One of the biggest events she conducted on campus was the “Food Distribution and Health Fear” in this event 35,000 pounds of food were distributed among UTEP students. Another remarkable event was the Mini Health Fair during the Nacional Week of Public Health where UTEP students got Diabetes prevention information, Healthy eating tips and free health screenings. Senator Del Rio will bring more student engagement among the College of Health Sciences through organizations and faculty members. Senator Lopez is determined to achieve her goal of listening to the necessity of the students that she serves as well as working with them to achieve an effective solution in order to benefit The University of Texas at El Paso.

Priscilla Del Valle

Collegiate Senator of Science


Priscilla Del Valle is a senior majoring in Microbiology with a minor in Sociology and Biomedical Engineering. She is part of the BUILDing Scholars program, a highly competitive intensive research program, at The University of Texas at El Paso in which she conducts research in the laboratory of Dr. Charles T. Spencer, Associate Professor in Biological Sciences. She has served as a Legislative Assistant (LA) for Senators-at-Large from 2015-2017 and as the 2016-2017 President of the Medical Professions Organization (MPO). She has been extensively involved in research and is a co-author on two publications with Texas A&M University. Being a transfer student from El Paso Community College, Senator Del Valle plans on targeting STEM majors from the underserved student population to inform them about the many opportunities offered to them at UTEP. At the same time, she plans on enhancing interdisciplinary interactions within the College of Science to foster the advancement of science education at UTEP.

Isabel Aguirre

Collegiate Senator of Nursing


Student Application Review Committee (SARC) – Chair

Special Events – Co-Chair

Isabel is a senior Nursing student working as a Research Assistant in the Bio-behaviolar Research Laboratory at the UTEP School of Nursing studying a variety of subjects linked to life stress, such as the role of Adverse Childhood events leading to increased risk of depression and cardiovascular disease among nurses. Our goal is to intervene early within the School of Nursing to create a healthier population of nurses, which in turn, leads to a healthier community. She is currently a member of the Texas Nursing Student Association (TNSA) and the National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN). She aspires to become an Advanced Nurse Practitioner and open a family clinic. She is proud to serve beside her fellow SGA leaders to better the UTEP and El Paso Community. As the chair of the SARC committee, she also hopes to serve all students at my school and encourage them to be more involved within SGA.