About Student Government

Welcome to The University of Texas at El Paso. You have made a very important decision by choosing UTEP as your institution of higher education. UTEP is one of the most culturally diversified universities in the nation. UTEP is full of resources, opportunities, people, things, and activities that will take you from where you are to where you could be. The Student Government Association will help you take advantage of all the benefits UTEP offers.


The Student Government association represents all UTEP students. We provide the official voice through which student opinion may be expressed. We ensure student participation in the University decision-making process. We help to defend the rights of each student and we work together with the administration for the advancement of the University community.


The vision of the Student Government Association (SGA) of the University of Texas at El Paso is to commit itself to providing exceptional representation for the entire student population.  In addition, SGA dedicates itself to improving the quality of campus life.  The students of SGA are committed to the ideals of excellence and integrity.  Furthermore, the SGA accepts a strict standard of accountability for organizational effectiveness.  SGA aspires to be the prominent voice of the student body to local, state and national administrators.  We will continue to provide service that contributes to the personal and professional development of our university community.


Our goal is to promote the activities and services of SGA by increasing the awareness of our programs to the students of UTEP. By doing so, we will promote greater student participation at all of our campus events and contribute to the excitement of campus life.

What We Do

  • Participate in Homecoming and co-sponsor student-oriented activities
  • Conduct annual general election to elect new officers into SGA
  • Sponsor an annual Banquet to honor the accomplishment s of UTEP’s finest
  • Provide funds for University related projects to students, and to various organizations
  • Work on issues and other student related projects as the need arises

The Benefit of Being in SGA

  • SGA will provide you a mechanism to be proactive
  • SGA will help you learn about conflict management
  • SGA will help you to learn time management skills
  • SGA will help you to develop as a person
  • SGA will provide you raise the level of your expectations


For more information about your Student Government Association look around our website or stop by our office, located at 304 E. Union. You can also email us at sga@utep.edu or call us at (915)747-5584