Student Membership

Students pay a recreation fee during registration each Fall, Spring, Summer I & Summer II semester.

Memberships for student spouse and dependent children may be purchased on a semester basis.

Breakdown of memberships for the Academic Year
Fall From 1st day of classes for Fall to the day prior the beginning of Spring Semester
Spring From 1st day of classes for Spring to the day prior the beginning of Summer Semester
Summer From 1st day of classes for Summer to the day prior the beginning of Fall Semester

Fees for spouse & children of current students

Fall Spring Summer
Spouse $70 $70 $50
Per Child $35 $35 $30

Note: Children are considered ages 2-17. Children will have access to swimming pools only. No charge for children under 2 years.

Monthly Fee

Monthly fees will be available for registered student spouse in lieu of paying for the full semester. Monthly fees will be accepted between the 1st & 7th of each month for that month only. Monthly fee is not available for children of registered students. If a registered student wants to bring a child but not purchase the membership for the child they will be charged a guest fee per child per visit.

Student spouse monthly fee is $25.

Student Summer Fee

Enrollment in the spring semester is required for purchase of summer membership. Students who are not enrolled for the Summer I, Summer II, or Summer (8 week) sessions may pay a summer fee to utilize the facility.

Student summer fee is $50.