Proper footwear must be worn to participate in Recreational Sports activities or use of facilities. No bare feet, black-soled shoes or street shoes are permitted for indoor activities. Use of the Recreational Sports fields for games or team practices is not allowed during inclement weather.


If a participant is injured, the Recreational Sports staff will take one or more of the following actions:

  1. Provide immediate and reasonable care of the injured person, and prohibit them from further participation in the contest.
  2. Incident/Accident report filled out by staff.
  3. Call University Police for immediate help and follow-up.

Notes: The injured participant is responsible for any treatment costs. Participants will not be allowed to take part in Recreational Sports programs under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


For your safety and the safety of other patrons, cellular phone/photographic equipment use is not allowed in the Locker rooms, or restrooms. Violators of the above policies may be asked to leave the premises and may face further disciplinary actions.


Any unclaimed property that is found anywhere in the Recreational Sports Facilities can be turned into the Control Center found in Student Recreation Center.

Items are held for one month after which they are inventoried, boxed and sent to University Police Department with the following exceptions:

  • *Miner Gold Cards are returned to the Miner Gold Card Office
  • *University keys are sent to the Key shop

The Recreational Sports Dept. is not responsible for lost or stolen articles
Found items can be turned in at the Student Recreation Center Control Center.

Items such as hats, baseball caps, lunch bags, water bottles will be disposed at the end of the day.

Food and drink containers are usually discarded. Items that present a sanitation risk (soiled) are also discarded.

Data sensitive materials are destroyed if unclaimed.

A detailed description of item(s) lost is required.

Please present a valid photo ID (e.g., DPS ID card, UTEP ID, Texas Driver’s License). Property will not be released to anyone without an ID.
Lost and found property will be sent to the University Police Department located at 3118 Sun Bowl Drive.

Every effort is made to contact the owner of the property if owner information is available.

For more information, visit the Recreational Sports Department Office within the Student Recreation Center, 747-5103 or contact University Police at 747-5611.

Members are encouraged to store all personal belongings securely in the day lockers or coin operated lockers provided.
Employees of the Recreational Sports Department are not permitted to hold equipment, valuables or bags for members.


Bring a lock to secure your belongings in a day locker. A limited number of lockers will be available for a rental fee of $15.00 small locker and $30.00 for large locker per semester all other lockers are for daily use only.

Coin operated lockers are available for use on the Upper and Lower levels. Lockers are for daily use only and require a quarter that will be returned once the key is placed back. A $15.00 charge will apply for lost key.

Items in daily use and coin operated lockers must be removed by closing time. Items left overnight in either locker type will be removed and contents will be placed in the Lost and Found.

Locks on rental lockers must be removed at the end of each semester. The date to remove locks will be posted in advance in each locker room and in this calendar.


Children 17 years and under must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian at ALL TIMES and are permitted in the pools only unless they are a University student.


Children ages 5 and older may not use the locker room of the opposite sex. Family Dressing Rooms are available throughout the SRC.


Users must have a valid decal to park on university property. Spouses and alumni may purchase a parking permit from Parking and Transportation Services. Located in the Academic Services Building Room 122 (915) 747-5724.


Lost or destroyed membership cards issued by the Student Recreation Center may be replaced at the Membership Office Room 102 for $20.00.


Student Recreation Center memberships are available to the university community, their spouses and children. Memberships may be purchased at the center with check or credit card (MasterCard or Visa only).

UTEP students are members through their registration fees. University Faculty and Staff must purchase memberships in person and must present their valid UTEP Miner Gold Card. University students must follow the same procedure to obtain memberships for their spouse or child. Alumni Association members must present their current Alumni Association card with photo identification when purchasing memberships. All purchased memberships are for the current fiscal year and expire Aug. 31st. Membership rates are per person and are not prorated.

All currently enrolled UTEP students that have paid their Rec Fees may enter and utilize the Student Recreation Center upon presentation of their valid UTEP Miner Gold Card. Access begins on the first day of classes and continues through the day before classes begin for the next semester. In addition, students may purchase membership for their spouse and their children 2 to 17 years of age.

UTEP faculty and staff may purchase membership upon presentation of their UTEP Miner Gold Card and verification of employment. Active UTEP Alumni Association members may purchase a SRC membership upon presentation of their current Alumni Association card and photo ID. Additional spouse and child memberships are available for purchase.

Memberships may be purchased at the Student Recreation Center Membership Office in the form of check or credit card only.


You must have a valid UTEP ID to enter the Student Recreation Center, if a student, staff or faculty . If you are a student, staff, alumni dependent or alumni you must purchase a membership and present the membership card at the Student Recreation Center Control Center to use the Recreational Sports facilities. This policy applies to all participants and spectators.