Intramural Guidelines


 Policies & Procedures


All currently enrolled students, or faculty and staff of the University of Texas at El Paso, may participate in any Recreational Sports activity offer by the Student Recreation Center. A student, faculty and staff member who is no longer associated with UTEP, forfeits his/her right to participate in all Recreational Sports activities. Individuals are restricted to playing for only one (1) team in competition. Exception being, an individual may play for a co-rec team plus a men’s or women’s team.

Every team must have a designated team captain. Intramural Administrative Staff reserves the right to edit all team names.

If no opportunity is offered for an individual to participate, he or she may play on a men’s or women’s team. Example: If a women’s soccer league was not established, women could participate on a men’s team/league; or vice versa.

Any player playing under an assumed name shall be barred from all Recreational Sports participation for one year from the date the offence was committed.

Varsity athlete (including red shirted and scholarship athletes) will not be allowed to participate in the sport they participate at varsity level.

* Ineligible player will mean automatic forfeit of contest by team(s) involved and continued participation would be determined by degree of offense. You must carry your valid UTEP ID to all Recreational Sports Games.


Guests are not allowed to participate in intramurals events. Student Recreation Members are allowed to bring guest to the SRC at a cost of $10 per person per visit. Guest passes may be purchased by the SRC member in the membership office located in room 102 of the SRC.



Game time is forfeit time. If you do not have the minimum number of players for a contest, it will be declared a forfeit. If during the tournament, two (2) forfeits occur by one team, the team will be dropped from the schedule automatically and it will be replaced by a team from the waiting list. (If available). Participants must check in prior game time, this implies being completely ready to participate (attired).


Protests shall only involve eligibility of players. These protests must be made at the time the contest is being played. Once a game is over no protests will be accepted. All written protests will be handled by the office of Recreational Sports Department and a final decision will be made by the Recreational Sports Associate Director.


It will be up to the managers to recognize ineligible players. No action will be taken by the Recreational Sports Department referees until notified by teams.

Disciplinary Process

During all Intramural events, the Intramural Student Supervisors on site are the authority and has the final word and on all disciplinary action, eligibility, and game situation appeals. If a team/participant wishes to appeal a decision made by a game official, they must notify the officials at the time of the incident so that the game may be stopped while an on-site student supervisor reviews the situation. Remember, judgment or interpretation calls made by an official may NOT be appealed.

Any individual ejected from a contest by an official or supervisor, (no warning may be given in some situations), will be indefinitely suspended from participating in the Recreational Sports program. Eligibility for future play is dependent upon the results of a personal meeting with the person in charge of the specific activity. In case of team suspension, the designated manager, as listed on the team entry roster shall be recognized as the only representative for such a meeting.

Supervisors / officials in charge have the right to suspend or terminate a game at any time.

If an ejected player does not leave the contest site by the time designated by and official (2 min. max) the team of the player in question will automatically forfeit the game.

Entry Procedures

All entry forms should be done through IMLeagues before deadline; if an entry form is accepted after the deadline, it will be placed on a waiting list and efforts will be made to schedule such a team (Recreational Sports Office does not guarantee the scheduling of teams on the waiting list). Turn in entry forms ON TIME. Rosters must include ID numbers of each participant. (Add-ons will be accepted until the end of the regular season).


Additional players may be added up to the end of the regular season. New or additional players won’t be accepted in play-off round. Add-ons are to be rectified by Student Supervisor or Coordinator.


Awards will be awarded to first place teams/individuals as directed by sport guidelines and sponsorships. Awards are given based on the number that it takes to play the sport plus 3 alternates (May varies between sports). In order to be eligible for an award, a player must have played in at least half of the total number of scheduled contests, including playoffs. Injured players may be given special consideration.

Equipment/Field Use

All participants must wear appropriate sportswear for each sport. Proper footwear is required to participate in any of the Recreational Sports activities; (no removable or bare feet are not allowed. Black soled, or street shoes won’t be permitted in indoor activities). Users are not encouraged to use the Recreational Sport fields during inclement weather for games or team practices.

Facility Reservations

Proper reservations must be made for Student Recreation Center facilities as well as for fields’ preferably one (1) working week in advance. Reservations must be made by registered student organizations or department on campus. Reservations applications are available in Room 102, Student Recreation Center and must be turned into same. Proper reservations are required to use the fields (room 102 Student Recreation Center).

Divisions of Competition

Each individual must meet the requirements for the Division(s) in which they wish to play. An individual can play for only one team per division. Leagues are offered and structured on the basis of levels of competition and are designated as:

1. Open League

2. Competitive League

3. Recreational League

Open League: This league is designed for people who desire to participate in an atmosphere of high competition. The structure of this league is to play a regular season followed by single elimination playoffs to determine a champion.

Competitive League: This league is structured basically in the same way as the Open League; the only difference is that this league offers a lower level of competition and more relaxed atmosphere.

Recreational League: This league is designed for participants who desire to play in a very relaxed atmosphere (where no records are kept) and a very low emphasis is put on winning. This league will play a round robin season only; since no winner is declared, no post-season tournament will be scheduled.

During Recreational Sport events, we ask that all spectators and participants who will be playing in the next hour be seated on side cubies located on either side of the main court.


Most tournaments/events will be played on weekdays (Monday through Friday).

Teams or individuals compete in round robin or pool play, and advance to single elimination play-off.

Special events take place during one scheduled day.

Sportsmanship Policy

Tams and individuals are subject to disciplinary action based on behavior displayed before, during and after intramural contests (including social media interaction, emails, and texts).


During Recreational Sport events, we ask that all spectators and participants who will be playing in the next hour be seated on side cubies located on either side of the main court.

Teams are responsible for keeping their spectators under control. Misconduct of spectators, players can result in assessment of a penalty, ejection or forfeiture of the game.

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