Fitness Programs Descriptions

Fall 2016 Fitness Programs Class Description

Abs & Glutes Target and strengthen your lower body and abdominals with this strength and conditioning class using a variety of equipment.                    (Ex: resistance tubing, body bars, body weight, med balls, and more!)


Body Sculpting This class is devoted to toning and strengthening the body. A strong, healthy body begins with a strong, healthy core. For this workout, you will be using equipment such as weights, bands, and bars. Body sculpting class tightens the muscles, and takes the body to its ultimate toning potential.


Boxing Conditioning This class is an effective workout that works on conditioning and fundamentals. Boxing is a great conditioning workout, obtaining a variety of things; explosiveness, strength, stigma, rapid weight loss and self-confidence. This class will work your arms, shoulders, back and chest, but you also get the legs, abs and buns. In short you hit the whole body. (Intense class). Space is limited.


Hatha Yoga It’s a discipline which uses physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation to bring the body into a healthier state and allow the mind to open more freely. Participants are encouraged to go at their own pace, taking time to focus on the breathing and meditation in their practice. This yoga is ideal for winding down at the end of a tough day.


High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) This class is for participants looking for a hard-core, fast-paced and intense workout. Get results with High Intensity Interval Training. This class focuses on functional cross training movements to burn fat & build muscle in less time! Intermediate/Advanced.  
Jui Jitsu  A martial art, combat sport, and a self-defense system that focuses on grappling and especially ground fighting.



 Kardio Kickboxing

 This is a class that combines boxing and martial arts movements of the upper and lower body muscles, a great cardiovascular training and intense kickboxing workout. It is a form of self-defense. It requires a high level of fitness both mentally and physically. Kickboxing is a great workout for your legs, the hips and thighs, as well as the arms and abdominals. Kickboxing improves fitness, flexibility and stamina- if you want to pump up the volume, this class is for you. (Involves no physical contact)  
Pilates (Toning)  

It’s a body conditioning class that seeks to build flexibility, strength, endurance, and coordination. In this class you will target and strengthen your abdominals; a powerful combination of toning exercises designed to target all muscle groups, using resistance tubing, body bars, body weight, med balls, and more!


Spinning® This is a 50-minute class focusing on cardio challenges, hill climbs, and varying speeds and resistance for all participant levels (with a 10-minute cool down) Skills learned in this class will relate directly to riding outside. This non-impact, individually paced cardio class will move you! All first time cyclers should come early in order to learn how to properly adjust the stationary cycle. Space is limited and is a First Come, First Served Basis.


Spin & Sculpt Is an incredible combination of an intense cardio blast on the spinning bikes and full body sculpting class! You’re on the bike tearing it up one minute, then on the floor with an intense strength and sculpt workout in our group fitness room. A full body workout in 60 minutes. Space is limited and is a First Come, First Served Basis.


Swimming Conditioning class is designed for individuals with an interest in using conditioning as a means of achieving high performance in the water. This class provides participants with the equipment and the instruction needed to enhance their swimming technique as well as their overall endurance. Through the use of the competitive strokes, a workout consisting of warm-ups, drills, sets and cool-downs will be given to the students. Each participant workouts at their own individual pace. Participants must be proficient swimmers.


Total Body Workout A total body workout to improve both muscular strength & endurance! A cardio workout alternating kickboxing, jumping rope & steps. To include resistance exercises are performed using dumbbells, resistance tubing, bands and body bars.


Yoga SCULPT Looking for a yoga class that incorporates strength, stamina, and flexibility? Combine yoga poses with great sculpting moves for a complete and challenging total mind and body workout! This class uses weights to help sculpt and tone your body as you stretch and move through your yoga poses. A powerful combination of movement, breath, and strength allows the body to generate heat increasing the muscles’ ability to lengthen and release. End each class with an integrative relaxation period and additional breath work, time permitting.


ZUMBA® Music is the key ingredient to the Zumba class. This class is a high energy, heart pumping dance-inspired workout from all styles of dancing such as salsa, cumbia, merenque, mambo, reggaeton, samba, hip hop, jazz and belly dance. Each class will feature simple yet incredibly fun routines that will help tone your body and get your heart rate up! Zumba is a dance party that delivers a whole-body workout. So if you’re ready to move your hips…this class is for you. Dance experience is not required


ZUMBA® Workout this class raises Zumba dance-fitness to the next level. Zumba Workout incorporates Latin-inspired dance with body-sculpting techniques. Participants in this fitness program use light-weights. Along with dance moves, the light weights improve cardio performance and tone and strengthen the body’s muscles.  

* Please note: classes are subject to change semester to semester.

* See current schedule for the class options offered each semester.