Faculty & Staff Membership

UTEP Faculty and Staff may purchase membership upon presentation of their UTEP Miner Gold Card and verification of employment at UTEP. Faculty and Staff must be a SRC member in order to purchase additional memberships for their spouse & their children 2 years to 17 years of age.

Faculty and Staff with active appointments may choose payroll deduction (Forms accepted from August 15th through September 13th) as a payment method for Student Recreation Center memberships. Membership applications and Payroll Authorization Forms are available at the Student Recreation Center Membership Office or by going to our forms section.

Annual Membership

Memberships purchased between Sept. 1 and Aug. 31
Faculty or Staff $230
F/S Spouse $230
F/S Child $100
Memberships purchased between Jan. 1 and Aug. 31
Faculty or Staff $180
F/S Spouse $180
F/S 1 Child $60
Memberships purchased between Jun. 1 and Aug. 31
Faculty or Staff $90
F/S Spouse $90
F/S Child $45

Note: Children are considered ages 2 – 17. Children will have access to the swimming pool only. Children under the age of 2 enter at no charge.

Monthly Fee

Monthly fees will be available for faculty/staff SRC member spouse in lieu of paying an annual membership. Monthly fees will be accepted between the 1st & 7th of each month for that month only. If a faculty/staff SRC member wants to bring a child but not purchase the annual membership or pay the monthly fee for the child they will be charged a guest fee per child per visit.

Monthly Fee
Spouse $35
Child (2 – 17 years) $30

*Memberships offered to Faculty, Staff, Faculty/Staff spouse Faculty/Staff Children shall be withdrawn upon the Faculty or Staff’s separation from the institution. Fees will be refunded on a prorated basis.

*Note: Dependent memberships and guests do not include participation in organized programs and activities (i.e. Intramurals, Sports Clubs, Fitness Programs, Climbing Gym, Outdoor Adventure Trips, Challenge Course, Outdoor Rental and Equipment Check out.)