Fitness Programs | Fall 2017

Fitness Programs Fall 2017

Registration begins September 1st

Please register at the Student Recreation Center in the Membership Office room  102B

Monday through Friday 8:00 AM- 6:00 PM

Registration Fee (for semester)

Mon-Thu programs $25 ea.

1 program (ex. YOGA), 2 times a week, 3 months $25

First come, first serve basis. No classes November 20th-25th. Last day of classes December 7th.

Strength & Condition $35 each

Saturday programs $15 each


Monday/Wednesday Programs ($25 each)

Spinning in room 130 from 06:15-07:15AM with Mariel

Power Yoga in room 110A from 9:00-10:00am with Blanca

Body Sculpting in room 120 from 10:00-11:00am with Clarissa

Spin & Sculpt in room 120 from 11:30-12:30am with Clarissa

Toning Pilates in room 120 from 11:45-12:45 PM with Rosa

Boxing Conditioning in room 120 2:00-3:00PM with David

Jiu Jitsu in room 110A from 3:15-4:15 with Juan

Total Body Workout in room 120 4:00-5:00PM with Rosa

Restorative Yoga in room 110A from 5:00-6:00pm with Rachelle

Abs & Glutes in room 120 from 5:30-6:15pm with David

Zumba in room 130 5:30-6:30PM with Marco

Tuesday/Thursday Programs ($25 each)

Hatha Yoga room 120 06:45-7:45 AM with Aman

Abs & Glutes room 120 9:00-9:45am with David

Spin & Sculpt room 130 12:00pm-1:00pm with Clarissa

Kardio Kickboxing room 120 12:15-2:15 with Juan

Hatha Yoga room 110A 12:30-1:30 with Julie

Total Body Workout room 120 3:00-4:00pm with Rosa

Hip Hop in room 130 3:30-4:30pm with Holly

Toning Pilates in room 120 4:30-5:30PM with Rosa

Boxing Conditioning in room 130 4:45-05:45PM with Juan

Spinning in room 130 06:00-07:00PM with Mariel

Zumba in room 120 6:00-7:00PM with Marco

Saturday Programs ($15 each)

Spin & Core in room 120 9:00-10:00am with Mariel

Vinyasa Flow Yoga in room 110A 11:00-12:00pm with Julie

Monday/Wednesday Programs ($35 each)

Strength & Conditioning in room 120 6:30-8:00pm with David

Tuesday/Thursday Programs ($35 each)

Strength and Conditioning in room 120 7:00-8:30pm with David

For Further Information

Call 915-747-5103

Visit Student Recreation Center


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