Centennial Plaza

Guidelines for Reserving Outdoor Space

The following is a guide designed to outline the processes and procedures for requesting and reserving outdoor space at The University of Texas at El Paso. This guide also outlines additional resources that can help with planning your event. The guidelines below have been established to answer questions, ensure equality and standardization for all university organizations and the El Paso Community.

Registered Student Organizations

Requests for the use of outdoor space from registered student organizations (RSOs) must be initiated by filling out a student activity request form through the Student Engagement and Leadership Center (SELC). The form can be found at https://utep.collegiatelink.net/. Questions regarding this process can be directed to the SELC at Union Building West Rm 106 or by calling 915-747-5670.
Once the request is approved, RSO’s must submit the outdoor space request and student activity request form approval to the Office of Student Life (OSL) in person at Union West Building, room 102, or via email at studentlife@utep.edu. OSL can be reached by phone at 915-747-5648. For more information visit Registered Student Organizations.

UTEP Departments
Requests for the use of outdoor space from university departments must be initiated through the Office of Student Life located in the Union West Building, room 102, by calling 915-747-5648 or via email at studentlife@utep.edu. For more information visit University Departments.

Off-Campus Organizations

Requests for space from non-university organizations must be initiated through University Relations located at 1608 Hawthorne Street, by calling 915-747-8244 or via email at ur@utep.edu.

General Policies

University outdoor lawn space is provided for the enjoyment of UTEP students, faculty, staff and visitors. Reservations are required for all organized events.

In order to maintain lawns, plazas and patios, a schedule for regular maintenance has been implemented which prevents the scheduling of events on certain days/times. In addition, the following regulations have been adopted to prevent excessive damage and to allow for this maintenance.

The General Policies listed below apply to all spaces:

  1. No motorized vehicles shall be permitted on lawns, planted areas or decomposed granite.
  2. No person shall injure, deface, remove, cut or damage any of the trees, plants, shrubs, sidewalks, or structures therein (includes chalk, colored powder, spray paint, etc.).
  3. Bike riding or skateboarding is prohibited on lawns. (Note: UTEP’s full Bicycle Policy can be found here: http://admin.utep.edu/Default.aspx?tabid=50631)
  4. Lawns may not be used for contact/team sports such as but not limited to football, rugby, baseball, volleyball or soccer. Appropriate space for these types of activities can be scheduled through Recreational Sports. Only light active recreation such as Frisbee, jogging, or hacky sack are permitted. Registered student organizations or university departments interested in organized team sports may contact Recreational Sports at 915-747-5103 to reserve field space for these activities.
  5. Cleats are prohibited.
  6. Golf clubs are prohibited
  7. Stakes from tents, signage or other items are not allowed to be inserted into the ground without first obtaining permission from the Office of Student Life.
  8. The use of tables and chairs for programs/events must be requested prior to your event and approved by the Office of Student Life.
  9. Banners/signs cannot be tied or affixed to trees or other structures.
  10. Permission must be obtained from the Office of Student Life for the use of amplified sound. Refer to each location for specific days and times amplified sound is allowed.
  11. Fire pits require prior approval and consideration will be given for evening events only. The fire pits are architectural features that are not designed for cooking, grilling or warming food/beverages. This is completely prohibited.
  12. UTEP is a smoke free campus.
  13. Trespassing and soliciting are prohibited. Only students, faculty, staff or alumni of UTEP, or other persons having specific business herein, may utilize a University facility.
  14. No glass containers or alcoholic beverages are allowed.
  15. Weddings are prohibited.
  16. Tailgating policies and procedures can be found here.
  17. All reservations will be made on a first come, first serve basis.
  18. The Office of Student Life reserves the right to prohibit use of lawns at any time due to field conditions and maintenance requirements.
  19. Events will not be scheduled on Sunday’s or official University holiday’s.
  20. No events will be scheduled on Monday’s following home football games.

Outdoor Spaces on Campus:
The following outdoor spaces are reserved by the Office of Student Life and may have additional policies and procedures than those mentioned above:

The following outdoor spaces are reservable through other University departments. Please click for contact information and for additional policies and procedures for use than those mentioned above.