The Rainbow Miner Initiative seeks participants for a day-long SpeakOUT Retreat being held on March 19, 2016 in Union West 112.

The intent of this retreat is to train individuals to be panelists for SpeakOUTs. Please register at: Registration form


SpeakOUT is a Speaker’s Bureau of trained community leaders, faculty and staff members, as well as students of the LGBTQIA community that aims to promote knowledge, compassion, and understanding on the current realities and personal histories of those who identify as LGBTQI and their allies through panel discussions and presentations.

  • Speakers will share their experiences and strengths through personal storytelling while exploring and educating on LGBTQIA issues pertinent to the El Paso/Juarez border region.
  • Through interactive activities, the audience is also encouraged in engaging in a dialogue about the LGBTQIA community.

Panels usually consist of 3 to 5 speakers sharing their story on the coming out process and other personal LGBTQIA experiences. After the presentation, a Q&A sessions follows in which participants are encouraged to ask questions of the panelists in order to gain a better understanding of the UTEP LGBTQIA community.

Requests for a SpeakOUT to your college, department, faculty, staff, classes and/or organizations should be made one month in advance to your ideal presentation time by contacting the Rainbow Miner Initiative Intern at rmi@utep.edu or by calling 915-747-5670.

Please have the following information available when requesting a SpeakOUT:
Requestor’s name:
Class name and theme:
Date of panel presentation:
Beginning time of panel presentation:
End time of panel presentation:
Number of students:
Panel presentation location:
Audio/Visual/Internet access:
Has your class discussed LGBTQIA issues and themes prior to the panel?