Conflict Resolution

Interpersonal student conflicts will arise at some point during a student’s educational experience. At OSCCR, we believe that conflict is a part of the education process and, like many areas in life, the acquiring of skills can help to improve the resolution of conflicts in the future. To see if a conflict resolution method is available through OSCCR, students are encouraged seek a consultation with one of our professional staff members either by email, via phone, or by visiting our office in person. Please know that asking for consult in no way obligates any student to file a complaint or move forward with the resolution process. Should a student choose to move forward with the resolution process, OSCCR has various options to choose from which could include very little involvement of a staff member up to in-depth staff involvement in guiding the process. Whether the conflict involves two students, groups of students, or student organizations, there is something in OSCCR to assist.

For students who are having difficulty with a faculty or staff member, while OSCCR can assist with these situations, there are other resources on campus that can also offer assistance as well. Available resource options for conflict involving faculty or staff members may include the Office of Equal Opportunity, Academic Deans or Department Chairs in a specific college, and others who supervise departments or divisions across the campus.  Regardless of the resource chosen, it is recommended that students seek assistance so that their conflict resolution needs can be addressed swiftly and in responsible manner.