UTEP Employee Health Insurance

Students that are employed on campus at 50% time (20 hours) or more per week and that their appointment is for 4 1/2 months or more, qualify for UTEP health insurance through the UTEP sponsored plan provided by Academic Health Plans.

Academic Health Plans

Most professors, scholars and students interns are provided health insurance by UTEP as a benefit of their paid research or teaching position. Please check with your host department to determine if you are eligible for UTEP health insurance benefits. If you are benefits eligible, you will be enrolling in the UTEP sponsored health insurance plan provided by Academic Health Plans. An Insurance Waiver will be given to you at OIP check-in and orientation. Please note the UTEP plan only covers medical insurance and you will be asked to provide additional insurance for repatriation and medical evacuation. To purchase repatriation and medical evacuation policy add-on’s, please visit Academic Health Plans Enrollment page and complete the “Enrollment Form – AES”.

For more information about the UTEP Employees policy, please visit the Academic Health Plans website.

You are also free to find another company that offers the same insurance. You may also bring insurance form your home country that will cover you for the entire time you are in the U.S. In order to satisfy the insurance requirements, the policy must be in English and the insurance amounts must be provided in U.S. dollars. Usually an English copy of the declaration page will be sufficient if it shows:

  • names of the insured people on the policy
  • descriptions, amounts and dates of coverage

If you are not being paid by UTEP and/or do not receive health insurance benefits, there are a couple of options for you in order to satisfy this requirement. We have provided a list of different type of health insurance plans for international students and exchange visitors. Please refer to our website page “Other Health Insurance Plans” for additional information.

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