Transferring in to UTEP

If you would like to attend UTEP as an international F-1or F-3 student, you must first be accepted to UTEP. Acceptance to UTEP has two parts: academic acceptance and financial acceptance.

The Undergraduate Admissions office or the Graduate School Admissions office review academic applications.

The Office of International Programs reviews financial documents and determines if a student has met the minimum requirements to attend UTEP. A CFR form must be completed and submitted, along with supporting financial documentation. However, if you are a student from Mexico, you may be eligible for PASE ( Programa de Asistencia Estudiantil) . If you qualify for PASE, you do not need to meet the confirmation of financial resources requirements. For more information click here PASE .

Your I-20 should show the name of the school you are attending. For this reason, you need a new I-20 from UTEP. All I-20’s are created by the Office of International Programs but only after full admission to UTEP and release of your SEVIS record from your current school.

You will need to fill out the UTEP “Transfer to UTEP” form: Transfer to UTEP. The purpose of this form is to show UTEP if you are in F-1 status or not. Please fill out the top portion, then take the form to your current university’s international student advisor. That person needs to fill out the bottom part of the form and then return it to UTEP Office of International Programs by fax (or e-mail).

You should show a copy of your UTEP acceptance letter to your current university. Then, you need to ask your international student advisor to set your SEVIS record release date. On this date, your SEVIS / I-20 record will automatically be transferred from your current university to UTEP.

In most cases, if you are NOT in status, then your SEVIS record cannot be released to UTEP.

IMPORTANT NOTE : If your SEVIS record has been terminated, please inform your international student advisor / DSO that UTEP prefers not to receive terminated records from other schools.

Your SEVIS record must be transferred to UTEP within the first 15 days of the semester in order for the transfer to be valid.

Once UTEP has received the SEVIS record, your I-20 can be created.

If you are a returning UTEP student, then you also need to complete one additional step to get your new I-20. Please get a letter from your academic advisor at UTEP stating your expected graduation date. Bring the letter to the Office of International Programs and complete an I-20 Request Form at the front desk. Turn in the letter with the form. You will receive your new I-20 within 5 business days in most cases.

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