Passports for children under 16 years of age


(first passport and renewal)


  • DS-11 form completed at the time of the appointment
  • Original Proof of Citizenship (birth certificate or naturalization certificate)
    • Documents proving paternity
    • Identification document
    • Parental consent
  • Establish the identity of the parents and presenting the original copy of one of the following documents:
    • Valid US driver’s license
    • Previously issued passport
    • Certificate of naturalization
    • current government identification document (municipal, state or federal)
    • current military ID (military and dependents)
    • Matricula Consular issued by the Mexican government
  • 2 photos 2×2
  • 2 Separate payments
  • 1 to Department of State
  • 1 to UTEP
ONLY CHECK OR MONEY ORDER – Cash, credit and debit cards CANNOT be accepted
All children under 16 years cannot submit the application on his own behalf. Both parents or legal guardians must appear with the child and give consent for the passport is issued.
If a parent or guardian can not be presented, then the DS-11 form must be accompanied by a DS-3053 form: Statement of Consent notarized by the parent or legal guardian absent.



Application Fee

(Department of State)

Execution Fee


Passport Book DS-11 $ 80.00 – Expedite $140.00 $ 25.00
Passport Card DS-11 $ 15.00 – Expedite $75.00 $ 25.00
Passport Book & Card DS-11 $95.00 – Expedite $155.00 $ 25.00