PASE Recertification

PASE participation must be recertified every school year to continue to receive the benefit. Recertification is done electronically and is available from April 1st of every year until census day of Fall semester (12th day of classes).  To recertify, you must answer an electronic survey thru your Goldmine account.

Once submitted, you will receive a notification to your @miner email within 48 hours.  The notification may indicate you have automatically recertified or ask you to visit the Office of International Programs and provide additional information.

It is your responsibility to recertify your PASE on time each year, well before the deadline of Census Day in Fall.

You are not eligible to renew, and instead must reapply using the PASE application form, if you meet any of the following conditions:

  • Academic suspension
  • Major change in your income (greater than 10%)
  • Absence from school for over a year
  • Changing level of education
  • Have turned 24 in the past year
  • Changing your marital status

It is your responsibility to make payment arrangements with Student Business Services to avoid having your classes dropped by the established payment deadline (

Remember, tuition charges for the new academic year will not reflect the PASE tuition discount until you have successfully recertified and followed any action asked from you on the recertification results email.

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