New Students

Welcome to UTEP!

New Students, you can enter the U.S. no more than 30 days before the start date on your I-20. You have 15 days from your entry into the U.S. to report to OIP. Provide OIP copies of your passport, I-20, visa and report your physical address to the government. It takes Customs & Border Protection (CBP) up to 10 days to record your arrival in SEVIS. It can take up to 2 days after you report to OIP for your  SEVIS record to be activated for the Social Security Administration. This is extremely important if you plan to work on campus upon arrival. UTEP will not allow you to work until you have a social security card.

The deadline for OIP to report that you are enrolled in classes full time is 30 days after classes begin. Full time enrollment is 12 credits for undergrads and 9 for graduates. In the summer, fulltime is 6 and 3 credits respectively. If you are starting your degree in the summer, you must be fulltime during the summer semester.

The following day is the deadline for OIP to terminate the status of any student who failed to report. Losing your status means you have to go home.

UTEP has two orientations. One is a general new student orientation which offers information about University services and includes meeting with your major advisor to register for classes. The earlier you attend this orientation, the more likely you are to get into the classes that you want. This orientation is offered at scheduled times throughout the summer. For more information, undergraduate students can contact the New Student Orientation office at 001-915-747-6752, and the graduate students should contact the UTEP Graduate School at 001-915-747-5491. The other orientation is offered by our office. This new student orientation is for international students only.

At this mandatory orientation, you will learn important information about maintaining your immigration status, how to get a social security card & drivers license, and timps for living and learning in another culture. Lunch will be provided.

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