J-1 Student & Scholar Forms

For J-1 Students sponsored by UTEP (holding Form DS-2019 from UTEP)

Confirmation of Financial Resources 2015-2016 (PDF)

  • Try completing your Confirmation of Financial Resources form completely online! Go to our eforms page to try it out.

Student DS-2019 Extension (PDF)

Student On-Campus Employment Authorization (PDF)

Student Academic Training  Employment Authorization (PDF)

Student Reduced Course Load (RCL) Undergraduate (PDF)

Student Reduced Course Load (RCL) Graduate (PDF)

Confirmation of Insurance (PDF)

Insurance Waiver (link to Human Resources. Select form under “Human Resources form”).

For both J-1 Students and Visiting Scholars sponsored by UTEP (holding DS-2019 from UTEP)

Arrival Check-in  (PDF)

Student & Scholar DS-2019 Request (PDF)

Student & Scholar Transfer-In (PDF)

Confirmation of Insurance (PDF)

Student & Scholar Transfer-Out (PDF)

For UTEP Student Interns and Visiting Scholars (Professors, Researchers, Short-term Scholars under J-1 status at UTEP)

Scholar DS-2019 Extension (PDF)

Confirmation of Insurance (PDF)

Scholar Departure Notification (PDF)

Scholar Extended Absence (PDF)

For UTEP Academic Department Faculty and Staff

The J-1 Exchange Visitor application is for UTEP faculty/staff to invite a J-1 scholar to participate temporarily at UTEP teaching or researching

J-1 Exchange Visitor 2016-2017 (PDF)

J-1 Exchange Visitor Application 2016-2017 (PDF)


The J-1 Student Intern application is for UTEP faculty/staff to invite a student studying at the Bachelors or Undergraduate level outside the US, to participate in internship/research experience in your department, unrelated to related to admission to UTEP.

J-1 Student Intern (PDF)

The J-1 Intern Extension of DS-2019 application is used to extend the program of a Student Intern within the maximum stay of 12 months

J-1 Intern Extension of DS-2019 Form (PDF)

TheJ-1 Intern Program Evaluation form is required for all J-1 interns at the end of their programs.

J-1 Intern Program Evaluation Form (PDF)


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