International Representatives Program (iRep)

The International Representatives Program (iRep) is an official student organization at UTEP. iRep connects a diverse team of international students with various local groups and organizations. iRep offers a unique learning experience and facilitates understanding the world through event programming and presentations on international and cultural topics.

 Why join iRep?

As an iRep Member you will have the opportunity to further develop your leadership skills in public speaking and event programming while sharing your culture with others.

  • Plan events for international students at UTEP
  • Volunteer and participate in UTEP and El Paso events and programs
  • Give cultural presentations to UTEP classes, K-12 schools, and El Paso organizations
  • Get involved, make new friends, and have fun!

The iRep program supports and encourages respect for political, religious, ethnic, racial, physical, generational, sexual, and intellectual differences, because such respect promotes free and open inquiry, independent thought, and mutual understanding.

 iRep Leadership Team

President: Arturo Schiaffino

Vice President: Valeria Padilla

Secretary: Alina Valdez

Community Engagement Chair (CAB Officer): Fernando De Luna

Treasurer: Jonathan Gonzalez

Professional Staff Advisor: Carol Martin –

Want to request a free iRep Cultural Presentation? 

Presentations can be booked from September through May.  Please contact the i-Rep President at  

 Have questions, event ideas, or want to join our program?

Please contact the i-Rep President at

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