How to be Admitted to Graduate School

There are 3 general steps that a new GRADUATE student must fulfill to be admitted to UTEP.

  1. Apply for admission
  2. Present admission exams
  3. Demonstrate how s/he intends to pay for school.

1. Submit the admission application online:

  1. Attach to the application the following documents:
    • Official transcripts
    • Certificate or degree candidate letter
    • Resume
    • Letter of intent
    • 2 or 3 letters of recommendation

(Please check directly with the college to obtain more details about their requirements).

  1. Pay the application fee

2. Present admission exams (whichever applies):

TOEFL – Score 550/600 (College of Business Administration)

GRE (if necessary) – For more information, call (915) 842-7500

GMAT (if necessary)

Test Score
TOEFL IBT/International 213 (Internet-based exam in English)
TOEFL Paper 550 (600 College of Business Administration) (Paper version exam in English)
GRE Scores vary by college. Applicants to all colleges
GMAT Scores vary by college. Applicants to College of Business Administration

Graduate School information in Spanish for Mexican students

3. Prove financial capability to cover education expenses by turning in a complete Confirmation of Financial Resources Form to the Office of International Programs. If you qualify, you can also apply to the PASE Program.

Once your application has been revised, the admission fee paid, your admission exams approved and your PASE/CFR applications processed, the Graduate School will send you a letter of admission and the Office of International Programs will issue an I-20 form needed to request your student visa.

Once you have your letter of admission and I-20:

A. Register for a New Student Orientation and for the New International Student Orientation (mandatory).

B.Apply for a student visa at your local US consulate or embassy.

C. Before entering the country, visit the immigration offices at the port of entry to register your entry to the country.

D. Visit the Office of International Programs to register your arrival at the university. You have 15 days from your entry to report.

Important information:

  • Generally, it takes about 24 hours to review an admissions application.
  • The application is first reviewed by the Graduate School.
  • If it is complete, it is then sent to the faculty committee of the corresponding college for evaluation and a decision. If a document is missing, sending the application to committee for evaluation will be delayed.
  • The faculty committee evaluates the application and determines an outcome.
  • A representative of the faculty committee sends the decision to the Graduate School.
  • The graduate School prepares a decision letter signed by the Dean.
  • If the application is approved and the Confirmation of Financial Resources has also been approved, a letter of admission and I-20 form are sent to the student.

For more information visit the Graduate School website.

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