F-1 & F-3 Student Forms

Advisor Letter Template (PDF)

Arrival Check-in Form (Eform-Internet Explorer required)

Arrival Check-in (PDF)

Assistantship Award Affidavit (PDF)

Bank Affidavit (PDF)

Change of Address Notification (PDF)

Confirmation of Financial Resources

Curricular Practical Training Forms

Enrollment/Invitation Letter (PDF)

I-20 Extension – Graduate (PDF)

I-20 Extension – Undergraduate (PDF)

I-20 Request Form (PDF)

Letter Request (PDF)

Part-Time Border Commuter (PDF)

Optional Practical Training Forms

PASE Forms

Personal Information Sheet-See Arrival Check-In Form above.

Reduced Course Load Forms

Release of Information (PDF)

Transfer Forms

Insurance Waiver (link to Human Resources. Select form under “Human Resources form”).

Location, Hours, and Contact Information