F-1 & F-3 Student Forms

Advisor Letter Template (PDF)

Arrival Check-in Form (Eform-Internet Explorer required)

Arrival Check-in (PDF)

Assistantship Award Affidavit (PDF)

Bank Affidavit (PDF)

Change of Address Notification (PDF)

Confirmation of Financial Resources

Curricular Practical Training Forms

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) (PDF)

Curricular Practical Training Information (CPT) Sheet 

Enrollment/Invitation Letter (PDF)

I-20 Extension – Graduate (PDF)

I-20 Extension – Undergraduate (PDF)

I-20 Request Form (PDF)

Letter Request (PDF)

Part-Time Border Commuter (PDF)

Optional Practical Training Forms

PASE Forms

Personal Information Sheet-See Arrival Check-In Form above.

Reduced Course Load Forms

Release of Information (PDF)

Transfer Forms

Insurance Waiver (link to Human Resources. Select form under “Human Resources form”).

Location, Hours, and Contact Information