CFR Calculator

This is a tool that UTEP students may use to easily calculate the estimated cost of tuition, books, and living expenses
in order to complete the table located on the first page of the Confirmation of Financial Resources Form.

Are you an undergraduate studying for a Bachelor’s Degree,
or graduate studying for a Master’s Degree, Doctoral Degree, or Graduate Certificate?

Are you a citizen of Mexico?

Do you have an assistantship position (TA, RA, etc…) at UTEP , or a UTEP Scholarship?

Will you be a full time student?

Undergraduates: 12 credit hours per semester       Graduates: 9 credit hours per semester

Have you been approved for PASE or do you have an assistantship position (TA, RA, etc…) at UTEP, or a UTEP Scholarship?

Form more information about PASE, pleas click HERE.

Will you be living in the United States?

Will you be living with a local sponsor at no cost?

How many dependents will you be bringing with you? (Children under 21 and Spouses only)

(Select ‘0’ if you have no dependents)

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For Dependents, add $4,180 per dependent         0           0     
If living in the US with a sponsor, subtract living expenses: $16,163   
If a Mexican living in Mexico(F-3 vissas only), subtract living expenses: $16,163   
     0           0     
Mexican students on F-1/F-3 visas or graduate students with assistantships   
of 20 hours/week: subtract $1,773 for insurance   
     0           0     
Out of state tuition waiver:   
(PASE, RA/TA, UTEP Scholarship)   
Undergraduates subtract $9,520    Graduates subtract $7,186   
     0           0     
Your Grand Total (transfer to the funding table on page 3)         0           0     

Part-Time Border Commuter Students (does not apply to J visas, as they must enroll full time):    
If you are a Mexican Citizen, you have the option to attend school as a part time border commuter student with the F-3 visa.    

The following table indicates the estimated cost of attendance for part time students.    

Border Commuter Students (Part Time studies)    Undergraduate     Graduate    
With PASE approval        $938         $1,335    
Without PASE approval         $2,057          $2,662    

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