Brown Bag Lunch Series


Bag Lunch Series in support of its mission to bring together UTEP students, faculty, and staff in collaborative study, reflection, and action to address contemporary social issues and invites everyone to participate in discussing topics that are currently affecting our surrounding environments, both on and off campus.

The intended outcomes for the program are as follows:

  • Engage the campus community in dialogue around sensitive topics and current issues
  • Learn, develop, and demonstrate skill sets that enable community members to have constructive conversations on difficult topics/issues both on campus and off-campus.


Brown Bag Lunch Series

Union West 112 at 12pm-1:15pm for all dates

This series invites everyone to participate in discussing topics that are currently affecting our surrounding environment, both on and off campus. Please join us for some lunch and constructive conversations with faculty, staff, and students.

  • February 10 – The N-Word
  • February 24 – Micro-Aggressions
  • March 16 – Asian Americans in the Media: Stereotypes and otherizing
  • March 30 – Women in the Media
  • April 6 – Sex Positive Peer Education
  • April 20 – Sexual Assault
  • April 27 – Concealed Carry

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