Room Reservation Form

Room Reservation Form

Terms and Conditions

Set up & Clean up: Organizations/Departments who reserve the use of Summit Hall must set up before and clean up after an event. Any damage(s) that takes place during the event will be the responsibility of the organization/department. Cleaning supplies (vacuums, brooms, all-purpose spray, and paper towels) will be provided by the Department of Residence Life.

Kitchen: Use of the kitchen must be reserved at the time the event is reserved. Organizations/Departments must bring their own food, cooking and eating utensils, and serving materials (i.e. plates and napkins).

Reservation Cancellation: Cancellations for a reservation must be made at least 48 hours in advance to avoid a penalty. Penalties are subject to the department of Residence Life’s discretion and includes, but is not limited to, banning and organization/resident from all future reservations of the facility.

*The Department of Residence Life reserves the right to cancel any event at any time for any reason*