Basic Questions

How are roommates chosen?

At the time you request an application, we will also send you a Roommate Selection Form.  The answers that you give will help us find a roommate similar in age and interests. In the fall you will be asked to create a Roommate Agreement with your roommate over the rules of the room.

Do you have a maid service?

Rooms are only cleaned in the event of a maintenance-related emergency, and trash is collected at specific locations. Residents are responsible for the cleanliness of their rooms and can be charged for excessive cleaning if staff determine it is necessary.

Can my friend and I live together in the same apartment?

We would suggest that if you are serious about living with a friend that you turn in your applications together and that you both indicate that you wish to live together on both applications. NOTE: We discourage friends from living together because while it is nice to live with someone you know, friendships tend to be tested and sometimes strained.

Can I have guests/visitors in my apartment?

Student housing has no restrictions on visitation by members of the opposite sex. There are guidelines regarding the length of time an out of town visitor can stay with you, and all visitors must be approved by your roommate(s).

How safe is Campus Living

Card-access gates surround the complex and are monitored by video cameras. There are fourteen live-in Residence Life Assistants that serve in an on-call rotation for the residents that live here. They try to stress safety to their residents and encourage them to lock their front doors and to keep us notified of strangers in the complex.  There are emergency call boxes in and around the complex in the event a resident needed to contact the police immediately. The short answer would be, The complex is only as safe as the residents who live here.

What kind of activities are there for residents?

Programming in the halls varies from month to month, and social and educational activities are planned by each staff member. Residents are invited to discuss issues going on in their hall, participate in community service projects, and plan activities for all residents.  Student housing residents are also often asked to participate in focus groups for future housing projects and on-campus issues.

Can my child live with me?

Because of the style housing we offer and traditional age of our current resident population, we cannot offer a family housing option at this time.

Can my dog live with me?

According to our Guide of Residence Life, only fish in aquariums are allowed in student housing. Pets that are found can be taken and the resident will be held judicially and financially responsible for any damage caused by the pet.

Are the buildings co-ed?

Individual housing units will be assigned by gender, and it is entirely possible for a building population to have male and female residents living in close proximity.

Can we remove the furniture?

Furniture is not to be removed from student rooms under any circumstance, unless the circumstance presented to staff is of a medical nature and/or emergency situation.  Requests to move furniture should be submitted in writing to the Director.