Information for Parents

We understand many families are from El Paso and El Paso county, and as parents or guardians, you might be wondering why your student should live on campus rather than at home. Housing at UTEP provides students with a safe and secure learning environment that eliminates the stress of a daily commute. Your student will have more flexibility in scheduling courses throughout the day, rather than needing to plan back-to-back courses to minimize trips back and forth to campus or waiting around on campus.Miner Village,  Miner Heights and Miner Canyon are close enough for your student to take advantage of campus resources like the library and professors’ office hours, but not so far away he or she won’t come home for dinner or to drop off a load of laundry on the weekends. If you want more summarized information you can download our lastest flyer.

It’s cheaper to live on campus

Instead of spending time and money on gas and a commute, your student will be able to focus on classes and studying. Parking is less expensive for students who live on campus. A single bill includes rent and utilities, which helps your student learn to manage a budget. It will also help your student begin to establish his or her own good credit. Floor plans and rates for Miner Village, Miner Heights and Miner Canyon are comparable to similar properties off campus.

Students who live on campus do better academically

Students who live on campus are more likely to graduate on time, have a higher GPA and be more satisfied with their college experience than students who live off campus. The close proximity to both classes and campus resources makes it easier to balance studies, recreation and socializing. Over 50% of the residents of Miner Village, Miner Heights and Miner Canyon maintain a 3.0 or greater GPA. The Department of Residence Life has designed two programs: CORE and ENCORE to encourage self-growth, academic success, community involvement, career readiness and leadership opportunities.

Will my student actually study or will there be partying all the time?

By spending less time commuting, your student is more likely to study and use campus resources such as the library and office hours. Alcohol use by residents under the age of 21 is strictly prohibited. Both Miner Village, Miner Heights and Miner Canyon enforce quiet hours during the semester and have 24/7 quiet hours during finals week.


What about my student’s safety?

All three Miner Village, Miner Heights and Miner Canyon are gated with controlled access. All bedrooms have locks. There are emergency phones located throughout campus, and the Campus Police Department offers an evening escort service throughout the year.


Mailing Address

In order to ensure proper delivery, please use the mailbox number of the resident rather than the apartment number.



For residents of Miner Village:
Student Name
2401 N. Oregon St., mailbox #
El Paso, TX 79902
For residents of Miner Heights:
Student Name
300 W. Schuster Ave., mailbox #
El Paso, TX 79902
For residents of Miner Canyon:
Student Name
3490 Sun Bowl Dr., mailbox #
El Paso, TX 79968