What is CORE?

CORE stands for Community of Residence Education. It is a program designed to help students who live on campus become academically and socially successful in the UTEP community.

The CORE program is designed for first and second year residents to encourage self-growth and build academic success.

CORE will help students receive different opportunities to explore academic, professional, political, social, cultural and community service interests. Overall, experience in CORE will allow participants to develop interpersonal, organizational and leadership skills that can contribute to future job experience.

What is ENCORE?

ENCORE program is designed for first and second year residents to promote community involvement, career readiness and campus leadership opportunities.

Our Mission

The Department of Residence Life will contribute to the academic success of CORE and ENCORE residents by exposing them to diverse communities, self-reflection, opportunities for educational advancement, community service and campus leadership. This will shape them into well-rounded students and citizens.

CORE Pillars

Community Involvement

CORE and ENCORE residents will learn and experience the benefits of being productive citizens within their own campus and community by engaging in volunteer opportunities in El Paso.

Career Readiness

CORE and ENCORE residents will help students find internships, create and build their resumes, and find a mentor who will guide them through their educational path.

Campus Leadership Opportunities

CORE and ENCORE residents will develop leadership skills through engagement in campus organizations by joining at least one campus organization besides CORE and ENCORE.


CORE and ENCORE residents will gain a sense of introspection by engaging in meaningful relationships with RA’s and other residents, learning how to manage a budget, time-management skills, how to deal with roommate conflict, how to live in a community and learning how to adjust to an independent lifestyle.

Academic Success

CORE and ENCORE residents will advance in their academic life by making the decision to live in residence halls, learning study habits, joining at least one campus organization, participating in community service and attending residence life programs.