Become an RA

What do RAs do?

The Resident Assistant (RA) is a para-professional staff member for the Residence Life Department. She/he lives on an apartment area and assumes primary responsibility for responding to the personal needs of residents, for shaping an environment that supports academic and personal development, and for managing critical administrative tasks at the apartment level. It is expected that the RA will have an active and positive attitude toward Residence Life at UTEP and will strive to encourage and support the goals and objectives of the department. The RA position requires individual flexibility, adaptability, enthusiasm, and commitment as she/he is called upon to pond to changing needs and situations. While no position description completely describes the job, one thing is guaranteed, the job as an RA is one of the most rewarding jobs you can have in college.


  • Compensation: Resident Assistants get free room and board as their compensation. That is valued at around $7000 a year. RAs get their own apartment at the complex where they are assigned to and they get to choose between a stipend of a Meal Plan for the Pick and Shovel.
  • Each Residence Life must be a regularly enrolled full-time student at the University during the appointment period. A class schedule and “drop/add” updates will need to be provided by the RA at the time of their appointment.
  • The appointee may register for no more than 16 hours nor for more than five courses per semester. Any consideration needed for additional academic hours (i.e. internships, student teaching, etc.) must be approved by the Assistant Director of Residence Life prior to registration.
  • The Residence Life Assistant must remain in good standing academically and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 while holding this position. Open to ALL majors!

How do I apply to be a Resident Assistant for 2017-2018?

To apply, please complete the following steps:

  • Attend one of the Information Sessions
  • Ensure that you meet basic eligibility requirements.
  • Submit the On-line Application.

Information Sessions:

Information Sessions are a great way to learn more about the position, the selection process, and ask any questions you have about the position. We will host several information sessions prior to the application due date.
February 1st 11:30 am Union East 102B (Andesite)

Bring you lunch (we’ll provide dessert) and join us in the conversation “Be an RA they said, It’ll be fun they said”
February 7th 3:00 pm Miner Canyon – Boquillas Hall

Join us for a special tour of Miner Canyon and join us in the conversation “Be an RA they said, It will be fun they said”
February 8th 6:00 pm Miner Village – Summit Hall

Join us in the conversation “Be an RA they said, It’ll be fun they said” and watch a movie with the RAs afterwards.

What do I learn from being an RA?

The Resident Assistant position is one of the most well-rounded positions on campus. Learning Outcomes include:

  • Functioning Autonomously
  • Managing time effectively
  • Balancing classes, work, volunteer activities, and personal commitments
  • Using decision making skills.
  • Managing crisis situations.
  • Explaining workplace policies and procedures to others.
  • Resolving interpersonal conflict.
  • Working collaboratively with others.

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