Our application process for Spring 2010 typically begins in early November through early January of 2011.  The application process for Summer 2011 and the Fall 2011 session is scheduled to begin on March 1st, 2011.

Are there ADA (American Disability Act) accommodations available?

Any student who has submitted an application and requires a Miner Village or Miner Heights ADA-style room should notify the Summit office through their application and in writing. We suggest that the student follow up by calling our office and confirm their application.

Are you taking applications right now?

The best time to turn in an application depends on the time of the year you are interested in moving in. We would recommend turning in your application at least 4 months before our August check-in, and at least 2 months before a January check-in. We will accept an application at any time of the year, but the applicant needs to understand that we cannot make an assignment until they have sent a 200 room deposit, provide proof of a meningitis vaccination and can prove that they have been accepted to the University.

When will you notify me if my application was accepted?

We will acknowledge your application through email or written notification. Our assignment process will be completed by July 2011 and assignment letters will be sent out accordingly.

Can I cancel my application before you have assigned me a room?

It is important that you are committed to moving in at the time of your application. Should you receive an assignment and decide to cancel, you will forfeit the deposit 200 dollars.

How early can I move in?

This answer is dependent on the time that the resident is asking to move in, as there may not be space available at the time that they request.  
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