Green Fund – This student-led fee referendum was voted on and passed in Spring 2010. The fund provides monies for projects that

  1. Help reduce UTEP’s negative impact on the environment
  2. Help make UTEP more energy sustainable
  3. Support educational initiatives related to energy conservation.
Funds are generated though a three-dollar fee that applies to each enrolled student per semester. A Green Fund Committee comprised of students, faculty, and staff votes on Green Fund proposals for award.

Energy Dashboard

The following programs/initiatives/studies have been funded using Green Fee funds:
Take Back the Tap$20,0002/20/18UTEP students and Green Team members propose funding the purchase and installation of 13 additional bottle filling stations on the UTEP campus (12 indoor and 1 outdoor). This project supports all members of the UTEP community who enjoy easily filling up their reusable sustainable water bottles. Eliminating the disposable culture has been called the greatest most important obstacle to sustainability and we believe that UTEP can play a crucial role in adapting to this 21st century challenge.
Earth Week 2017$4,2904/17/17UTEP students and Green Team members propose an advocacy and education series of events during Earth Week to promote Green Miners.
Bike UTEPIA$19,7384/17/17UTEP students and Green Team members propose the installation of 5 new bike racks on campus and the relocation of other existing bike racks for the purpose of reducing UTEP’s carbon footprint by promoting healthy habits such as biking to and from campus.
Fix-it Bike Stations$8,2301/10/17The Students’ Green Team proposes a safe and healthy biking environment throughout campus through the installation of bike fix-it stations.
UTEP Shell Eco-Marathon$5,00012/19/16The Shell Eco-Marathon competition challenges student teams from around the world to design, build, test, and drive ultra-energy efficient vehicles. A UTEP team will be partially funded for this competition.
Bike-Share Program Phase 2$75,00012/9/16Proposal to expand the bike-share program at UTEP.
Developing Campus from Within$63,00012/9/16Focusing on renewable energy and energy efficiency, this proposal aims to improve the UTEP carbon footprint as well as the borderland economy and our student’s education by not only developing in-house design capability but to provide a sustainable education path and commercially viable business opportunity for UTEP graduates within the Sun City.
Eco-Takeout program at UTEP.$3,8504/26/16Implementation of a reusable takeout box program which incorporates the use of plastic, dish washable, microwaveable, durable, leak-resistant, and BPA free takeout boxes.
Green and Environmentally Benign Research/Awareness Tools for Greener UTEP campus.$35,7403/23/16Request from Chemistry department for use of water as an alternative solvent and microwave technology as an energy source to minimize toxic hazardous waste.
Sustainability 2016$37,0003/23/16CERM effort to create campus-wide marketing campaign promoting sustainability.
UTEP Dinner Theatre Green Initiative$34,0003/23/16Dinner Theatre request to replace existing theatrical lighting with LEDs.
Revitalizing the UTEP Green Rood and Research Platform$53,4601/7/15Revitalization of UTEP Green Roof and Research Platform.
UTEP Theatre Green Alliance Project$37,76410/20/14Purchase of energy-efficient stage lighting for Theatre Arts.
Miner Recycling System$3,3306/18/14Miner Recycling Program expansion to El Paso Natural Gas Conference Center
"Reduce, Reuse, Refill," "Tap it", "What's Tappening?"$20,4616/18/14Installation of water bottle filling units in buildings with high student traffic.
Miner Village Permaculture Garden$4,8334/10/14Construction of permaculture garden at Miner Village
Miner Recycling System$17,58012/4/13Funding provided to continue the progress made by the Miner Recycling Program.
Solar Panels$33,0007/29/13Funds were allocated to purchase solar panels for Cottonwood Building in Miner Heights. Energy savings realized will be use for additional panels.
Rent-a-bike program$33,6005/1/13Bike kiosks will be strategically located throughout campus where bikes can be rented on an hourly basis. The funds will be used to supplement a $176,000 commitment by El Paso's Metropolitan Planning Organization, which will then result in a $1.5 million grant from the federal government.
Residential Garden at Miner Heights$5,2564/4/13Funds were used to purchase equipment, supplies and student wages.
Miner Recycling System$14,4002/28/13Feasibility study to design and implement a Miner Recycling System.
Green Fund Awareness Initiative$11,68412/14/12Inform UTEP students about the benefits and opportunities associated with the Green Fund. The primary goal is to increase the number of Green Fund applications.
Bus System Study$36,78110/3/12Feasibility study to consider the implementation of an off-campus bus system for UTEP students.
Wise Family Theatre$32,0406/25/12Funding was allocated to replace incandescent theatrical lighting with LED fixtures that will increase bulb life and reduce power consumption.
Energy Dashboard$30,2006/29/11This project was developed by students from the College of Engineering to help Facilities Services monitor energy efficiencies with on-campus buildings. The Energy Dashboard monitors electric energy use from campus buildings for the purposes of analyzing consumption and trends. The UTEP Library is the only building currently connected to the Energy Dashboard. The dashboard is accessible to the public at Energy Dashboard at UTEP