Green Fund

GF stands for Green Fund, which is a fee referendum that will cost $3 per student per semester, raising up to $40,000 per year for campus sustainability projects. These projects will help UTEP's sustainability initiative and the environment* by:
  • Investing in renewable energy such as solar panels
  • Promoting environmental sustainability in campus and the community
  • Providing educational opportunities such as student internships
  • Increasing energy efficiency
  • Conserving water and other resources
*GF will NOT pay for anything the university is already required to do by law or policy.

Who and how are projects chosen?

The Green Fund Committee will oversee the funds. It will consist of five students, two administrators and one faculty member appointed annually. To choose the projects, students, faculty or staff can submit proposals asking for funding, and the GF Grant Making Committee reviews the proposals and selects them based on The Green Fund Bylaws.  

How will I know where my money goes?

The GF Grant Making Committee will report all GF projects to the Student Government Association annually and the projects will be made available online.  

Green Fund Advisory Board Student Member Vacancy: Apply Now!

Advisory Board Student Member Application (PDF)