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Elementary and Middle School Groups Form

Our group visits for Elementary and Middle School students are designed especially for those that fall under this age group to take a walking tour and experience what UTEP has to offer. The capacity for Elementary and Middle School groups is 100 students per session.

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Organization/School Name: (Organización/nombre de la escuela)

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Do you require any ADA accommodations? (¿Algún miembro de su grupo tiene alguna discapacidad que requiera una adaptación?)

Field Trip Supervisor: individual that will be responsible for completing all necessary forms and accompanying group on day of visit.
(Supervisor de viaje escolar: Persona responsable de cumplir con todos los documentos necesarios para la visita y que acompañará al grupo durante la visita. )

Field Trip Supervisor First Name: (Nombre del supervisor de viaje escolar)

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If you experience any trouble completing the above form or have questions about date availability, please contact us at or by telephone at 915-747-7887.