How To Join

Joining a Fraternity or Sorority at UTEP

Each of our fraternities and sororities recruit new members differently. See details below. The best way to determine which fraternity/sorority is right for you is to do you your research and meet the members. Anyone seeking to join any fraternity or sorority at UTEP must have at least a 2.5* cumulative GPA and be an enrolled student at UTEP. *Note that some fraternities/sororities will have higher GPA requirements.

What to consider
You will want to do your research. For example, check the Grade Reports and make note of which organizations excel academically.

IFC Fraternity Recruitment
You will be able to meet fraternities at UTEP throughout the summer & first weeks of classes each semester at activities coordinated by the Student Engagement & Leadership Center and the IFC. These activities include New Student Orientation. Once fall/spring classes begin you will have the opportunity to attend open events coordinated by the fraternities. In the month of September (for fall recruitment) you may be invited to attend invitation-only events that include interviews and more formal events where you will be able to better understand what is involved in being an active member. At the conclusion of recruitment, fraternities will extend bids (invitations to join) to those that best fit the values of their fraternity. All male students are encouraged to consider membership opportunities during the fall and spring semesters. For more information contact the IFC President at

MGC Recruitment/Membership Intake
The process for joining a fraternity or sorority recognized by MGC varies. It is essential that you reach out to chapters that you might be interested in to learn about their membership selection process Whether attending informational meetings or events that are programmed throughout the year, it is important to meet with chapter members, exchange contact information and express your interest in joining their fraternity or sorority. Connecting with a fraternity or sorority early on during your time at the university can help you gauge the level of expectations that will be placed upon you should you choose to join. The membership process (known as membership intake for some groups) can take place over several weeks and involve attending meetings and events while learning about the fraternity/sorority. Contact MGC President at with any questions.

Panhellenic Formal Sorority Recruitment
For spring recruitment we encourage all interested ladies to attend our spring Open House. For fall formal recruitment: Registration for formal recruitment can be found HERE. Panhellenic Recruitment is a unique process that allows women the opportunity to visit all of our sororities and get to know the women in each group. While all sororities have the same basic values and beliefs, it is important to check them all out, find out what makes them different, and find the one that is the best fit for you. The recruitment process requires a non-refundable $20 fee that is paid upon registration. Formal recruitment for 2015 dates can be found on the College Panhellenic Council page. Contact a Panhellenic officer at with any questions.