Who is eligible to join a fraternity or sorority?
A student is eligible to participate in recruitment activities and join a sorority/fraternity if s/he is a fully matriculated/full-time student at the University of Texas at El Paso with a 2.5GPA* (college or high school if no college courses have been taken).The student must not be a new or initiated member of any other Inter/National social sorority or fraternity.
*Some chapters have higher GPA requirements.

How do I register or participate in Recruiting or Membership Intake activities?
Each fraternity/sorority has a different recruitment process. General information is available through each governing council.

Visit IFC chapters at New Student Orientation, Welcome Week, and at the FSL & IFC Open Houses.

Visit MGC chapters at New Student Orientation, Welcome Week, and at the FSL & MGC Open Houses.

Visit NPHC chapters at New Student Orientation, Welcome Week, and at the FSL & NPHC Open Houses. You will be able find out when they will hold informational for students interested in joining. Contact arascon5@utep.edu with any questions.

To register for Panhellenic Formal Recruitment with UTEP, a female must register via Campus Director at https://utep.mycampusdirect.com. Contact the Panhellenic President at GoPanhellenicUTEP@gmail.com with any questions.

Why do I need to have a certain Grade Point Average to join?
Sororities and fraternities were in part founded upon a principle of academic excellence and this is a consideration in membership selection.

Do I need to send a copy of my high school or college transcript?
No, students interested in joining a fraternity/sorority will submit a Grade Release & Risk Reduction form. Contact fsl@utep.edu for a link to the form.

How much time does a sorority/fraternity take?
Potential new members will find out what is required from each sorority/fraternity during recruitment events. Members can expect to participate in Weekly Meetings, Philanthropy/Community Service Projects, Leadership Activities, Study Program/Study Hours, Committees, Socials and Sisterhood/Brotherhood Events. Though there plenty of activities, time management is the key to be a fraternity man or sorority women.

Where do I live during the recruitment process or new member period?
You will continue to live where you are currently residing.

How much money does it cost?
Membership dues vary from chapter to chapter. They do not always cover all chapter related expenses. Typically they will cover: Intern/National fees, insurance, new /associate member fees, initiation fees, and fraternity/sorority jewelry. You may personally have to pay for additional items such as shirts, social events, and memorabilia. Be sure to ask the organization about these expenses.

Do I need recommendations to go through recruitment?
A chapter or council will inform you if a recommendation is needed.

How do I know if I am the fraternity or sorority “type”?
There is no fraternity or sorority “type”. Most of the stereotypes about Fraternity & Sorority membership are myths. One of the strengths of being a Fraternity & Sorority member at UTEP is the diversity of the individuals that you meet. Each fraternity and sorority, no matter how large or small in number, consists of members who have varied interests and backgrounds.

What is initiation?
Initiation into a Fraternity & Sorority letter organization is a ceremony where a new/ associate member becomes a fully initiated member of the organization. During this ceremony the deep meaning of the organization is shared. Initiation is a ceremony that all the members share in common no matter which university they were initiated. The secrecy involved with the initiation process teaches respect and trust. There are no offensive or hazing practices involved in a fraternal initiation.