UTEP Recognized Fraternities & Sororities

Sororities (for women)
Alpha Sigma Alpha – Theta Xi (PHC)
Alpha Kappa Alpha – Eta Delta (NPHC)
Alpha Xi Delta – Iota Eta (PHC)
Kappa Delta Chi – Gamma (MGC)
Sigma Lambda Gamma – Upsilon Beta (MGC)
Theta Nu Xi – Alpha Eta (MGC)
Zeta Phi Beta – Tau Iota (NPHC)
Zeta Tau Alpha – Gamma Gamma (PHC)

Fraternities (for men)
Delta Lambda Phi – Beta Tau (IFC)
Lambda Chi Alpha – Epsilon Zeta (IFC)
Omega Delta Phi – Beta (IFC)
Phi Beta Sigma – Omicron Tau (NPHC)
Sigma Lambda Beta – Kappa Epsilon (MGC)
Theta Chi – colony (IFC)

Though many groups are no longer active at UTEP, we aim to connect with alumni through various events & programs. Some opportunities to get involved are outlined below. Alumni may contact fsl@utep.edu to inquire about how to get involved as an alumna/us.

– The 2nd annual Alumni Reunion will take place during Homecoming

– Alumni Advisory Board (for UTEP faculty/staff)


10 VALUES of Fraternity & Sorority Life
1. We value Scholarship: On average, the all sorority and fraternity GPA consistently matches and often well exceeds the all-women’s, all-men’s, and campus averages.
2. We value Diversity: Fraternities and sororities represent the rich diversity of the campus population
3. We Value Responsibility: Members who make commitments to themselves and their chapters prove to be among the most well respected students.
4. We Value Service: Fraternities & sororities are recognized for their philanthropic work and service to the community.
5. We Value Leadership: Members are involved in campus activities, are often the most visible campus leaders, and the most enthusiastic at University events.
6. We Value Human Dignity: We DO NOT condone hazing. Hazing is illegal.
7. We Value Opportunity: Membership is an investment in your future. The chapter will help members to plan, budget and fundraise to afford to participate in Fraternity & Sorority Life.
8. We Value Networking: Members are afforded networking opportunities through alumni for job assistance and advice, internship exposure, and general direction when entering the work force.
9. They Value Social Development: Fraternity & Sorority members have tons of fun! They maintain a balance between the classroom and personal time. Events such as formals, retreats, sisterhood/brotherhood activities are just a few of the fun events planned.
10. They Value Tradition: Fraternities & Sororities have been in existence in America since 1776.