The consortium currently offers 4 full-time internship positions. Three positions are offered
at the University of Texas at El Paso - University Counseling Center, and one position at
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso - Department of Psychiatry.
  •     All interns, prior to starting their internship program at the EPPIC, are required to have completed their
    coursework and to have passed all of their required comprehensive examinations or projected to have
    these completed before internship. Interns are also expected to have at least three semesters of practicum
    experience at the doctoral level prior to the start of the internship program (500 intervention hours). If the
    intern’s program requires a dissertation, the intern must have successfully defended their dissertation
    proposal prior to starting their internship experience.
  •      Doctoral Psychology Interns must have a bachelor's degree and be currently
      enrolled and be in good standing in a counseling or clinical psychology
      doctoral program.
  •      It is our expectation that interns come prepared with the requisite counseling
      skills commensurate with a doctoral level candidate starting in a doctoral
      internship program.


For prospective interns who wish to visit the training sites, please contact the EPPIC’s administrative assistant, Lydia Hernandez to schedule a time at lchernandez11@utep.edu or (915) 747-6425.