Emergency Response

Emergencies, disasters and accidents can happen at any time and without warning.  Even though we cannot always anticipate or prevent them, we can take steps to prepare ourselves in case they occur.  The University of Texas at El Paso is prepared to respond to emergency situations not only through its active Emergency Operations Plan but due to your support, help and understanding of the role you play as a student during an emergency.UTEP takes a comprehensive approach to protect life, property and the environment from the effects of an incident. We practice this approach by facilitating emergency drills and tabletop exercises to ensure that our preparations are continually refined and improved.Our emergency response procedures include coordination with multiple departments on-campus as well as law enforcement agencies and fire & medical agencies within the city and county of El Paso.

UTEP subscribes to a mass notification system called Miner Alert that is designed to alert our students, faculty and staff by email, phone and/or with text messages in the event of a campus emergency. In addition, the University has installed broadcast speakers placed strategically throughout the campus grounds to strengthen our communication for outdoor areas.While UTEP has devoted considerable resources to planning and preparing for emergencies, we also encourage all students, faculty and staff to take responsibility for their own preparedness by knowing what to do before, during and after an emergency situation and taking the necessary precautions to maximize their safety.  Please take a moment to review the information found on this website, and through the UTEP PD website as well as our emergency operation plan.  UTEP is committed to supporting the welfare of its students, faculty, staff, and visitors and encourage you to BE PROACTIVE, BE PREPARED, BE INFORMED… BE MINER READY!

Student Worker Safety and Emergency Response Guide

Student Worker Safety and Emergency Response Guide Student Worker Safety and Emergency Response Guide
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Campus Resources

  • Office of Emergency Management
  • University Police Department
    3118 Sun Bowl Drive
    Facilities Services Complex
    911 – EMERGENCY
    (915) 747-5611 UTEP Police Communications (24/7) Emergency and Non- emergency calls
    (915) 747-8155 – Motor Vehicle Accident Reports
    (915) 747-6338 – Lost and Found
    (915) 747-6338 – Crime Prevention
    E-mail: police@utep.edu