Alcohol is the most widely used drug on American college and university campuses. Frequently, the overuse of this drug causes alcohol poisoning and the results can be deadly. At UTEP, we are committed to educating students on state, local and university rules and regulations related to the consumption of alcohol, providing support and guidance when you or a friend needs assistance when dealing with alcohol abuse or addiction and facilitating programs and activities to educate the community about consuming alcohol.

UT System & UTEP Policy

The University of Texas at El Paso enforces all state and federal laws or regulations which regulate and control the sale or use of alcohol on campus, including those pertaining to the possession of alcohol by minors. University regulations prohibit the possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages on University property without prior written authorization by appropriate administrative officials and are strictly enforced. Customers of legal age under State law may purchase and consume alcoholic beverages in areas on the campus specifically designated for the public sale and consumption of beer and wine, and residents of University Housing are authorized to possess and consume beer and wine in the privacy of their living quarters, if they are of legal age under State law. Students in violation of these policies will be subject to University discipline in addition to possible criminal prosecution by civil authorities.