What is Choices360?

Choices360 is a comprehensive career planning program that can help you make decisions about your educational and career goals. You can use Choices360 in English and/or Spanish to:

  • Learn about your interests, skills and values by taking assessments
  • Search for occupations using your assessment results and/or other desired characteristics
  • Search for occupations by alphabetical listing
  • Record the information you want to save in your Portfolio

To Access the Choices Planner:

New Users

First time users need to create an account. Select “Create an Account” on the home page. This allows you to save your information and return to use the program at a later date.

  • Enter UTEP’s Activation Code:
    • Activation Code: TX01540
  • Choose the user type (for example, select “College Student” if you are a college student).
  • Enter or choose UTEP as the school.
  • Enter your personal information.
  • For “Account Name” use your UTEP email address.
  • Choose a personal password that will be easy to remember!
  • Once you have entered the required information select “Create Your Account”.

Returning Users

Go directly to and sign in with your personal logon information.

You do not need to enter UTEP’s activation code for future visits to Choices360.

Getting Started with Choices360

  • After signing in, select Career Planning
  • Under the section labeled “Learn About Yourself” (middle of webpage) select Interest Profiler. This assessment matches your work-related interests to career options. Remember the Interest Profiler asks what you enjoy doing, NOT what you know how to do. After completing the Interest Profiler, your results will appear as scores on 6 personality profiles, with descriptions of your 2 highest scoring profiles at the top of the page. Select “Matching Careers” for a list of occupations matching your results.
  • Return to the Career Planning Under the section labeled “Learn About Yourself”, select the Work Values Sorter. This assessment matches your work-related values to career options. After completing the sorter, select “View Careers” for a list of occupations that match your top work values.

Combine your Interest and Work Values Results:

  • Select the Career Planning tab then click on Career Finder in the right of the page (under “Quicklinks section”).
  • Find My Characteristics (on the left) and select Interests.
  • A box will appear in the upper right corner. Click Use Interest Profiler results.
  • Next, under My Characteristics select Work Values.
  • A box will appear in the upper right corner. Click on Use Work Values Sorter results.
  • At the bottom of the page select “See Your Matching Careers”.

Continue using Career Finder to refine your results according to criteria listed on the left, such as required education level, potential earnings, job outlook or Myers-Briggs type.

Learn about Careers

  • Select a job title from your list of matching careers. The first page provides an overview of What They Do, including job tasks, working conditions and hours, links to related occupations and a short video. Use the tabs on the left to access information about job skills, salary, outlook, educational requirements (such as majors) and where to find additional information.
  • Repeat this process for several job titles.
  • To compare 2 careers side by side, return to the Career Planning tab then select Explore Careers and finally select Compare Careers in the middle of the page.

Print, Email and/or Save your Results

At the top right corner of each results page, you will find an option to Print, Email or Save.

Learn More…

Evaluate your abilities using the Ability Profiler.

To access the Ability Profiler either:

  • Select the Career Planning tab, then select “Learn About Yourself” and select the Ability Profiler.

Before using the Ability Profiler, you will be prompted for the Ability Profiler password.

  • The password is: begin

Continue using the Choices Planner to search for scholarships, build a resume’ or create a cover letter.

For Help Planning the Next Step

To review your results and make decision about your educational and career goals:

  • University Counseling Center * 202 West Union * 747-5302


To learn about internship and job opportunities, review your resume and prepare for the work world:

  • University Career Center * 103 West Union * 747-5640


For information about UTEP majors and degree plans, please contact your academic advisor.

If you have any difficulty accessing the program, please call 1-800-281-1168 and select (#1) Customer Support or email