Resources in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico

Casa Amiga, Esther Chavez Cano A.C.

(Crisis Intervention and prevention center) Calle Durango #1916
Fraccionamiento Paseo de las Torres
(01152656) 690-83-00
M- F 9:00am – 4:00pm
Sat 9:00am – 5:00pm

Services: Individual therapy for women, men and children who are living in situations with family violence, depression, bullying and dealing with the loss of a loved one
Contencion (support group)
Psychological and legal services provided; social work and prevention
Workshops offered for women 18 years of age and older on self-esteem
Workshops for children/adolescents: 4-7 y/o, 8-12 y/o, and 11-17 y/o
Presentations on the rights of women are also offered

Cost for therapy: 80 pesos ($4.00) per week Patients are interviewed by the social worker to assess their needs

Centro de Apoyo Psicológico para la Famila y la Industria A.C.

Calle Avenida de la Raza #5909

Colonia Raúl Garcia

(01152656) 618-05-00
M – Sa 9:00am – 6:00pm

Services: Individual, couple, and family therapy. Need to call to make an appointment.
Cost: 600 Pesos; $30

Centro de Derechos Humanos Paso Del Norte, A.C.

Calle Independencia #7073

Colonia Lino Vargas

(01152656) 170-42-03
M – F 9:00am – 4:00pm

Promoting and defending human rights
Services: Individual and group therapy and legal consultation for victims who have gone through a “forced disappearance” ( “kidnapped”) or have experienced some type of torture
Services offered to both men and women; any age
Cost: Free

DIF Municipal de Juárez (Desarrollo Integral para la Familia)

Administrative Offices
Abraham Lincoln y Benjamín Franklin Circuito Pronaf y Colonia Margarita (Behind Plaza de las Americas)
(01152656) 613-81-41 or 613-10-81 or 616-69-66
M – F 8:00am – 3:00pm

Contact: Lic. Nubia Rodriguez Marquez (coordinator for social services)
Services: Assist with food, clothing and shoes and medications available with prescription
Program: Armando Familias Plenas (Putting Together Complete Families):
Workshops are provided regarding different life values for the entire family at no cost – depending on academic year
Coordinator: Delimar Certa o Rosario Cortez
Centro de psicología integral y fortalecimiento familiar: individual, group and family therapy Cost: Free
Hablar para hacer cita: (01152656) 625-13-23
Calle Fresnel #9225 Colonia Partido Senecu Parque industrial Bermúdez
Coordinator: Lic. Julio Cesar Ruiz

Programa Compañeros

Avenida de las Razas #2643 Fraccionamiento Sylvias
(a la altura del parque Borunda)
(01152656) 611-37-92
M- F 9:00am – 7:00pm

Services: Counseling and testing for HIV, medical, psychological, psychiatric and pathology services

Cost: Whatever can be paid by patient

Procuraduría de Protection Ausilar de Niñas, Niños, y Adolescentes para el
Distrito Judicial Bravos

Calle Panama #980 / Esquina con Pedro S. Varela

Colonia Hidalgo
(01152656) 629-33-44 or 629-33-00
Ext. 53-315-18
M – F 8:00am – 4:00pm

Report both ways; by phone and in person
Child Abuse Reporting: They have contact with CPS, the Mexican Consulate and Immigration.
Lic. Alicia Laura Ortega ( coordinator)
Reports can be made in person or on the phone.

Services: Legal guidance only for those individuals who have current cases with this agency.
Adoption services are available M- Th, 8:00am – 3:00pm

Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez (UACJ)

Avenida Universidad y Avenida Heroico Colegio Militar
Zona Chamizal
Centro de Atención Psicológica Sure
(01152656) 688-38-48
M – F 11:00am – 8:00pm

Initial interview is first and then the therapist schedules the next appointment.
Students are the ones providing the therapy under the supervision of the professor in charge of the program.