The University of Texas at El Paso Collegiate Recovery Program (UTEP CRP) strives to improve knowledge and understanding of recovery with the goal of reducing the stigma associated with people who are in recovery. The goal of the UTEP CRP is to provide a supportive environment at the university where students in recovery can achieve academic and personal success while enjoying their college experience, free from alcohol and other drugs.

The UTEP CRP will provide support to UTEP students who are in recovery from alcohol or other drug problems through the development and coordination of a center that acts as a safe supportive space where students in recovery can connect with each other, become involved in fun, sober events (on and off campus), relax and recharge, and be connected to resources for academic and emotional wellness. Ultimately our goal is the establishment of a designated safe, physical space on campus for students in recovery to gather, support each other, celebrate the commitment to sobriety, and challenge the social stigma associated with substance abuse will be an important accomplishment.

Our short term goal is to have students become engaged, invested, and supportive of the recovery movement by participating in recovery-related events on and off campus that will be hosted by the recovery program and other campus departments.

Our hope is that students in recovery feel welcomed and included in the campus community across different avenues such as academic, recreational, and social activities.