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Academic Advising Center

Office Address: Academic Advising Center Room 1st Floor
Phone Number: 915-747-5290
Fax Number: 915-747-5297

Admissions and Recruitment

Office Address: Academic Services Building Room 102
Phone Number: 915-747-5890
Fax Number: 915-747-8893

Assistive Technology Lab (ATL)

previously known as the Special Needs Room

Richard Dugan; Coordinator
Office Address: Library 3rd floor, RM. 329
Phone Number: (915) 747-7416
Fax Number: (915) 747-5345

Collaborative Learning Center (CLC)

Office Address: Library Room 209
Phone Number: 915-747-5391
Secondary Phone Number: 915-747-6740
Fax Number: 915-747-7479
Department Email:

Counseling Services

Office Address: Union Bldg. West Room 104
Phone Number: 915-747-5302
Fax Number: 915-747-5393
Department Email:

DARS – Office for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

DARS Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Manual

Chapter 4-Certificate of Deafness for Tuition Waiver:

Equal Opportunity Department (EO)

Office Address: Kelly Hall Room 302
Phone Number: 915-747-5662
Fax Number: 915-747-8701
Department Email:

Financial Aid

Office Address: Academic Services Bldg. Room 204
Phone Number: 915-747-5204
Fax Number: 915-747-5631

Military Student Success Center

Office Location: Library 205
Voice: (915) 747-5342
Fax: (915) 747-5392



Parking and Transportation

Office Address: Academic Services Building Room 122
Phone Number: 915- 747-5724
Secondary Phone Number: 915-747- 6161
Fax Number: 915-747-5166


Department Email:

Residence Life

Office Address: Miner Village, Summit Hall
Phone Number: 915- 747-5352
Fax Number: 915-747-5651


Department Email:


Office Address: Academic Services Bldg. Room 202
Phone Number: 915-747-5478
Fax Number: 915-747-5089
Department Email:

Student Health Center

Office Address: 2001 Wiggins Rd
Phone Number: 915-747-5624
Secondary Phone Number: 915-747-6545
Fax Number: 915-747-5015

Student Support Services Program (SSSP)

Office Address: Library Room 300
Phone Number: 915-747-5349
Fax Number: 915-747-5486
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