New Students

Steps for Requesting Accomodations by New Students at CASS

  1. 1. You need to be admitted to the University gone thru New Student Orientation and have registered with the University
  2. 2. Contact CASS to set up an Intake Appointment. Call us at (915)747-5148 or email us at
  3. 3. Bring your medical documentation to your intake appointment. Note: Please remember that your documentation needs to be current and within the last three (3) years of first of first enrolling at UTEP

Accommodations need to be requested two weeks before the beginning of the semester

  • Students that need advanced planning such as the hiring of interpreters or books-on-CD, readers, accessible classroom, etc. should request accommodations one month before the beginning of semester
  • Reasonable accommodations are provided only to students with known disabilities who are registered with the office of CASS.
  • Type of accommodation provided is determined by degree of barrier and/or limitation and are provided to allow equal access and opportunity to students with disabilities; for that reason, each student is given individual consideration


  • Requests for changes or additional services must be referred to the Director of CASS for review to determine if accommodation requested is reasonable and appropriate

Important Note:

Final determination of an appropriate and reasonable accommodation is made by the Director of CASS in collaboration with faculty, academic deans or chairs, when necessary. CASS does not mail faculty letters. It is the student’s responsibility to make a request every semester. The student should make appointments to meet with each professor to deliver the letters and discuss the accommodations that will be necessary in each class. It is important that the student provide accommodation letters to his/her instructors at the beginning of each semester to discuss disability-related needs for those classes.

Please see all the services and accommodations that we provide on the Our Services Section for further information.