Request to Reformat Textbooks and Documents

Efective as on June 1, 2015

To request documents in an alternative format please visit CASS in person at UTEP Union East, Rm. 106. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please call (915) 747-5148 or email

  • E-Book Research: By appointment only. Many required textbooks are available electronically, but not from a single source. Assistance is provided to locate electronic books and determine if student accounts are available. Please note: Most UTEP textbooks are now available electronically through the University Bookstore’s BryteWave website, All students can order directly from this source. See page 2 for additional resources.


  • Textbook Conversion: Please allow up to four weeks to reformat an entire textbook, which cannot be located in electronic format.

Please note: Students are required to purchase the book and produce a receipt for verification when this service is requested.


  • Document Enlargements: Please allow up to seven business days to enlarge and convert short documents and standard size fonts into 18 point font or larger.


  • Text to Audio Conversion: Please allow up to seven business days to convert an article, document, or similar short text into audio format.
  • Technical Assistance during Exams: Pre-arranged during exam appointment, or as needed during exam in CASS testing center.

Such assistance can involve problem-solving in terms of student usage of assistive hardware or software in the testing center.

For access and training for use of assistive hardware and software, please contact Rich Dugan, Coordinator, Assistive Technology Lab, Technology Support Center, Library Suite 300,, 747-7416. Website, <>. Please check the website for office hours and a complete list of services.


Computer Labs on Campus: For a listing of the Computer Labs on campus.  Please go to Staff assistance is available at each location during normal business hours.

Online E-Book websites:

Useful Guidelines:

  • Requesting your alternative text well in advance makes it more likely that you will receive your materials prior to the start of the semester.
  • You must provide documents that you wish to be converted at the same time you submit your request.  Due to copyright laws, we must either have the textbook or receipt, as proof of ownership in order to continue.
  • When a shorter turn-around time is needed to complete a required course assignment, you may opt to obtain sections or chapters of your textbook as needed on a “rolling basis”, rather than waiting for the whole textbook to be converted.

This document is effective as of June