Priority Registration

Priority registration allows students who have already registered with The Center for Accommodations and Support Services (CASS), to register for classes during the early registration period. Priority registration is granted to these students when there is a disability-related need. Priority registration can help to address any of the following student concerns:

  • Attend class in an accessible classroom.
  • Availability of special furniture in the classroom such as adjustable desks and chairs.
  • Access to American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreters.
  • Provision of textbooks and assigned readings in alternative format.
  • An adjustable class schedule, such as to ensure there is enough travel time between classes.

Please note: To ensure timely assistance it is strongly recommended that students submit all priority registration requests to a CASS staff member no later than the last week in September for Spring Semester registration, and by the first week in April for Summer and Fall Semester registration. In the event that the recommended time period for submission of a priority registration cannot be met, students should contact CASS office for further guidance and assistance.

Procedure for Priority Registration:

  1. Student meets with their academic advisor and have their proposed class schedule reviewed and approved. Course registration can be done by the academic advisor except when the advisor becomes aware of classroom accessibility limitation, in which case the actual course registration should be done by the CASS staff member.
  2. Student removes any academic, disciplinary, or financial “holds.” Such holds can include unpaid parking tickets, unpaid tuition or fees, and that of the Texas Success Initiative (TSI).
  3. Student makes a priority registration appointment with a CASS staff member.
  4. Student and the CASS staff member, reviews the course sections to determine if at least one option is available for the student to be registered in an accessible classroom.
  5. If alternatives to an inaccessible classroom are not available, a request to move the classroom to an accessible location by the CASS staff member will be made with the Registrar and the respective academic department.