Evacuation Chairs

Building Floor Location
College of Health Science 4th Stair 1
College of Health Science 4th North Stair
College of Health Science 3rd South Stair
Union East 3rd By elevators
Education 4th By room 405
Education 7th By room 711
Library 6th South stair
Library 5th By elevators
Library 4th By elevators
Library 3rd By elevators
Library 3rd Southwest exit
Chemistry and Computer Science 3rd East stair
UGLC 3rd By room 332
Campbell 3rd By area of rescue assistance
Liberal Arts 3rd LACIT
Kelly Hall 7th By exit
Bioscience 5th North Stair
Geology 3rd By room 304
Admin 5th North Stair
  • Buildings have 2 models of evacuation chairs EVAC+CHAIR 300H and EVACU-TRAC CD-7
  • Most common evacuation chairs in library are model EVAC+CHAIR 300H
  • At union east the evacuation chair is EVACU-TRAC CD-7

Operating Instructions for evacuation chair EVACU-TRAC CD-7

  1. Open unit, confirm latch is engaged and transfer passenger
  2. Fasten safety straps
  3. Approach stairs at a right angle (90’)
  4. When front wheels drop off top step, lift handle and incline EVACU-TRAC CD-7 forward
  5. Squeeze brake release bar to descend
    Release brake release bar to stop

Rated capacity: 1 person, Maximum 136Kg (300lbs.)
Maximum Stair Angle: 40’

View an online demonstration

Operating Instructions for evacuation chair EVAC+CHAIR 300H

To open

  1. Grip both sides of extension handle, then pull up until it locks at full length
  2. Slide headrest down to mid-position
  3. (OPTIONAL) Loosen strap of forehead restraint
  4. Unbuckle safety belt and pivot seat down

To operate

  1. At the fire exit landing, set EVAC+CHAIR 300H upright and seat the passenger evacuee in the chair
  2. Pull back on the upper extension handle and balance the passenger’s weight over the two main wheels
  3. Align EVAC+CHAIR 300H squarely with the first flight of stairs, side nearest the handrail, and roll forward as EVAC+CHAIR 300H starts descending the stairs, side grip to the top of handle
  4. Hold onto EVAC+CHAIR 300H at all times and gauge your speed of descent to assure firm footing
  5. Press downward on extension handle for smoothest ride
  6. When the wheels first touch the next landing, hold EVAC+CHAIR 300H in balance and swivel to face the next flight of stairs. Repeat step #3
  7. Continue this procedure until reaching a safe lower or ground level; assist passenger out of EVAC+CHAIR 300H

View an online demonstration