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2014 Spring UTEP Centennial Commencement

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Sun Bowl Stadium, UTEP Campus

ADA Assistance

To create a memorable and special Commencement experience for graduates during the 2014 Centennial Year, The University of Texas at El Paso will hold a single spring ceremony at 7:00 p.m. May 17, in Sun Bowl Stadium. This outdoor format will break from the tradition of holding three separate commencement ceremonies in the Don Haskins.

The Center for Accommodations and Support Services (CASS) is available to provide ADA-related services during ceremonies for students and members of the community that will be attending the event. To address these issues, there are separate sections in the following text for:

• Students that are participating in the graduation ceremony.

• Members of their family and guests.

• Designated ADA Parking.

Students, families, and their guests should contact the CASS office in advance if special assistance is needed before or during the event.

I. Students with disabilities that are participating in the ceremony:

Student degree candidates with disabilities needing ADA assistance during the ceremony are asked to first confirm their eligibility to participate with their college, school, or department representative. Next, when notified, CASS will provide these students with ADA-related services prior to and during the ceremony.

Such services include:

Pre-admission to the ceremony.

Designated seating for students with mobility and hearing impairments.

Guidance to an accessible entrance and designated seating.

For all participating students, during the actual ceremony, ramps are used to ensure ease of access to and from the stage.       If ADA assistance is requested, please contact CASS at least 3 weeks prior to May 17th ceremony:

The Center for Accommodations and Support Services (CASS)

Union Building East, Room 106

Phone: (915) 747-5148


Listed below are the names and phone numbers of the CASS designated floor supervisors that are available to assist families and guests of the graduates during the ceremony. CASS workers will also be available throughout the Sun Bowl stadium, including the designated wheelchair seating areas.


II. Services for family members with Disabilities:

For visitors needing ADA assistance, such services will be provided during Commencement ceremonies.                                  These services include:

• Reserved seating for guests needing access to ASL Interpreters.

• For guests with their own wheelchair or walker, the CASS staff can offer guidance for access to the accessible seating areas.

• Assistance for guests that do not have their own wheelchairs, or that use canes, crutches, or have a Service Animal.

Based on ADA regulations, only one family member may accompany the individual in wheelchair designated areas for companion seating. All other family members must find seating nearby, as available. Please note, there are 30 wheelchair spaces located near the West/Press Box entrance to the Sun Bowl, and 17 designated spaces near the North Entrance. There is no access between the two wheelchair sections either within or outside of the Sun Bowl. As a final note, seating on the ground level of the Sun Bowl is limited to only those that are directly participating in the ceremony. There is no public access to this area.

Sun Bowl Stadium - Accessible Seating jpeg


ADA Parking:

  • North Entrance: Limited ADA parking will be available in parking lot P-9 near the North Entrance to the Sun Bowl.
  • West/Press Box Entrance: Preferred ADA parking will be at parking lot R-6 located one mile north of the Sun Bowl on Sun Bowl Drive. This parking lot is located near the Student Recreation Center and the Helen of Troy Softball fields.  This lot has a shuttle service that will take wheelchair users and their families to the West/Press Box entrance of the Sun Bowl.
  • For more information on ADA Parking you can follow the link

ADA Shuttle Route and Parking jpeg



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The Centennial Celebration will dramatically change the University’s campus. Stay informed of the latest construction timelines and street closures at

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