Guns ‘N Roses Not in This Lifetime Tour with ZZ Top

Wednesday, September 6, 2017; 6:00 pm

Sun Bowl, UTEP Campus, El Paso, TX

ADA and Wheelchair Support Services


As the Sun Bowl Stadium is a UTEP facility, UTEP’s Center for Accommodations and Support Services (CASS) will provide support services for our guests with disabilities who attend this concert. If you or a family member need special assistance please contact our office in advance at or (915) 747-5148. If wheelchair seating is needed please go to <>, or the UTEP Ticket Center at, or by phone at (915)747-5234.

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ADA Services for Guests with Disabilities

Language and ASL Interpreters

Transportation and Arrival Information

Frequently Asked Questions

ADA Services for Guests with Disabilities:

For our guests with disabilities, ADA support services will be provided as follows:

·     A limited number of wheelchairs are available for transportation from the parking area drop-off locations at the three primary Sun Bowl stadium entrances at the north, west and south, as well as within the concourse level of the Sun Bowl Stadium.

·     Guests who bring their own wheelchairs, walkers, canes, and strollers are asked to use the north and west entrances to the Sun Bowl. Please check your tickets in advance for your designated seating location.

·     CASS and Whelan Security staff will help to identify ADA accessible seating sections and escort guests to their seating, if needed.

·     Please Note; As indicated on the floor plan, the Sun Bowl Stadium has wheelchair accessible and companion seating located in various areas of the stadium, however there is no internal wheelchair access between the designated ADA seating on the west side of Sun Bowl Stadium (sections 3 through 5) and the accessible seating on the north and east sides of the stadium (sections 13, 15 and 19) or in the floor seating; sections A2, A4, A5 & B1.  Guests with tickets for wheelchair and companion seating should check their tickets for their designated seating location prior to their arrival.

o     Guests with tickets for ADA seats in Sections 3 through 5 should use the drop-off location at the West/Press Box Entrance in parking lot P-7.

o     Guests with ADA seating for all other sections of the stadium should use the drop-off location at the north entrance to the Sun Bowl in parking lot P-9.


·     If you cannot access the seat you purchased due to health reasons, please inform an usher, event supervisor or ticketing agent for reticketing.

·     Ushers will direct you to your assigned seating in the designated ADA accessible and companion seating section. Only one companion may accompany the individual in these designated areas. All other family members must be seated as designated on their ticket.

Language and ASL Interpreters:

·     The two concerts will be in English.

·     ASL Interpreters: If you require seating in the section reserved for guests who are deaf/hard of hearing and who want access to American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting services. Please purchase tickets near the stage in designated floor seating, or in in sections 3-5 (West Entrance) or sections 13, 15 & 19 (North Entrance).

Transportation and Arrival Information:

·     Passenger arrival:

o     By Car: It is recommended that any passengers who require ADA assistance be dropped off at either the north or the west entrance of Sun Bowl Stadium based on their ticket’s seating location. CASS staff will be available to assist guests to the ADA seating locations. Following the event, staff will also assist guests in returning to the same designated location in order to be picked up. Please drop off family members as close as possible to the appropriate entrance in parking lot P-7 (the west entrance) and parking lot P-9 (the north entrance).  If space allows, please park in the nearest designated ADA accessible parking lot. Please use Sun Bowl Drive from the Schuster/I-10 exit to access parking lots P-7 & P-9.

Guests can park in the Sun Bowl parking garage, but will need to take the elevator to exit the building on the 5th floor. There is a sky bridge that you can take to enter the south entrance of the Sun Bowl. The distance is approximately 300 yards.

o     By Paratransit (Sun Metro’s Lift or Project Amistad buses): Please check your tickets in advance to determine your designated seating location. If you have ADA accessible seating in Sections 3 through 5, arrange to be dropped off at the west entrance to Sun Bowl Stadium, at parking lot P-7, off Sun Bowl Drive.  If your seat is located in sections 13, 15 or 19 please arrange to be dropped-off at parking lot P-9, at the Sun Bowl’s north entrance, on Glory Road.

o     By Sun Metro Park & Ride Bus: Sun Metro will provide Park & Ride services to the Sun Bowl.  There is a convenient bus stop near the intersection of Oregon Street and Glory Road. Please be aware, it is approximately 1/4th mile between the bus stop and the north entrance of the Sun Bowl.

·     Parking:

o     Parking Lot P-9: The majority of this parking lot at the north entrance to Sun Bowl Stadium is designated as ADA accessible parking. If the lot is full, please use the Sun Bowl Parking Garage on Sun Bowl Drive, or the City of El Paso Glory Road Parking Garage, located at the corner of Glory Road and Mesa Street ($10 fee). Both garages are ADA accessible and are equipped with elevators.

o     If you use the Sun Bowl Parking Garage plan on taking the accessible sky bridge from level five to the south entrance of the Sun Bowl.

o     Use of courtesy wheelchairs is strictly limited to the three ADA drop-off areas and inside Sun Bowl Stadium.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Questions asked by family members and friends of guests who require ADA support at the Papal Mass telecast in Sun Bowl Stadium:

Q: I have a disabled family member who cannot walk very far. What should I do?

A: First, check your tickets for the designated seating location.  If the ticket is for ADA seating in sections 3 through 5, please drop the passenger off at the west entrance of Sun Bowl Stadium (located on Sun Bowl Drive). If your ticket indicates ADA seating in sections 13, 15 or 19, please drop your passenger off at the north entrance of Sun Bowl Stadium (located on Glory Road).

It is important to note that there is no way to transport guests who use wheelchairs between these two locations inside Sun Bowl Stadium. If you find that you have entered the wrong section of the stadium, please see an usher, event supervisor, or ticketing agent for reticketing in order to be seated in a convenient location.

Staff with wheelchairs will be available to assist guests to ADA accessible seating locations. Following the event, staff will also assist guests in returning to the designated pick-up locations.

Please Note: A limited number of courtesy wheelchairs are available to transport guests to their seats. We are sorry that these wheelchairs are not available for a single guest’s use for the duration of the program.

Q: My family member is deaf or hard of hearing. Will an interpreter or any other accommodations be provided?

A: A designated section for deaf/hard of hearing guests who requiring sign language interpreting services has been designated near the stage. Therefore, seating in sections 3-5 (West Entrance) and 22-25 is recommended. As needed, guests can be reticketed for seating at that location.

Q: Will CASS and event staff look after my stroller, walker, cane, or other personal item during the event?

A: CASS and event staff cannot take responsibility for personal items.  Please check in such items with Guest Services, located inside the North, West and South entrances of Sun Bowl Stadium.

If you have additional questions or concerns please contact CASS at:

The Center for Accommodations and Support Services (CASS)

The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP)
Union Building East, Room 106
Phone: (915) 747-5148; Fax: (915) 747-8712